How much damage can a hand grenade do?

I am watching Criminal Minds (groan) against my will, and some guy just blew his car up with a hand grenade, on the show, that is. I mean, ball of explosion, roof goes up like a convertible that got stuck halfway, like the bomb that killed Michael Corleone’s wife.
So, can a hand grenade do this kind of damage?


A typical hand grenade alone has a very small visible blast, damage is from concussion (shock wave) or shrapnel, depending on the type. Great big gasoline fueled explosions from grenades are a Hollywood creation.

There is more dust than flame when they go off.

Most hand grenades are fragment grenades, primarily used for anti-personnel. They do not produce giant fireballs. A car would be heavily damaged, but it would not be destroyed. The damage would be from shrapnel and the blast wave; the windows would all shatter, the upholstery would be annihilated, the radio would probably not work, but Hollywood-style explosion? Not remotely.