How much did it take for NASA to make one cm3 of space in the ISS?

Just 1 cubed CM, how much did it cost? Anyone have any idea?

I have no idea.

But I would imagine that the 1st cubic centimeter probably costs >1000 times as much as the last centimeter. Are you looking for total cost divided by total cm^3? Or the cost for a marginal cm^3? I don’t suppose you had a particular cm^3 in mind…

I’m just curious on how much the average cm^3 of interior living/working space costs.

Google is your friend!

Well, there’s some info on cost at
Looks like 35-37 billion dollars? They also claim you get back at least $2 of indirect benefits, so one could argue the cm’s cost you less than nothing.

The same link also claims “working space aboard the completed station will be more than 1303 cubic meters”

Now if math is half correct…
100 cms in one meter
1000000 cubic cms in one cubic meter
1303 cubic meters = 1303 million = 1.303 billion cubic centimeters.
~36 billion divided by ~1 billion = $36 per cubic centimeter.

Hows that?

Dang. Looks like my two-cubic-metre orbital condo is gonna be a leetle pricey…

Thanks, curiosity now fulfilled.