How much distance between the bullets coming out of a mini-gun?

What is the distance between rounds fired from a mini gun? Can anything get out of it’s way?

Well, as a rough calculation, the small .223 version is capable of 6,000 rounds per minute, but supposedly it’s typically fired at closer to 4,000/min.

The .223/5.56 round varies by load, bullet weight and so forth, but just as a ballpark, 2,800 fps is about right.

So 4,000 /60 gives us 66.6~ rounds per second.

2,800/67 gives us 41.8 feet, give or take, between projectiles.

It’s possible something very small and fast-moving could slip through, like missiles- if they’re really lucky- but since you and I can’t run that fast, it’s something of a moot point.