How much do you know?

Take the test to see how much you know about christmas. I only had four of the ten correct. I want to see how everyone else does. Good luck!

3 correct here, but in all fairness, I’d never heard Mrs. Claus’ name before!

I got 6 of 10, but I see that they count Rudolph as one of Santa’s reindeer, which is bullshit, so I’m giving myself 7 of 10.

3 out of 10, but I’m sure I can beat you ALL in the Sinterklaas Test.

I got six, but there may have been some luck involved…

I knew the answer before I got in here, so it’s not surprising I only got two.

I got 5, but I did get the Rudolph one.

I got seven. Missed Silent Night being from Austria, the poinsettia one, and the president’s christmas tree (which I am really annoyed about because I should have know that).

I agonized for a long time about putting 8 or 9 for the reindeer. I finally had to give props to Rudolph.

Seven out of ten - neener, neener, neener. :smiley:

And I would have gotten 9 right if I had gone with my first choice on a couple of questions!

I got 5 right.

I must protest over the reindeer question. In the original “The Night Before Christmas,” Rudolph wasn’t included. Now he’s counted as an official member of the team. That’s just wrong.

I got 4, but I only got the Rudolph one because I read the thread. I guessed and the president one and got it right. I almost went for Washington though! {:

I got six, but I got the austria one from reading the thread, although there was strong chance I may have picked it anyway. Let’s call it a 5.5. :wink:

I got 7 out of 10.

Since delphica mentioned Silent Night being from Austria, make it 6 out of 10. I already knew about Rudolph - even though he wasn’t an original reindeer, he’s still a Teamster along with the other 8.

I think I’ll go kiss someone under the tree parasite now.

7/10 as well–but I think counting Rudolph as a reindeer is ridiculous. I mean, which legend are we counting here?

I got 5 of 10…but I swore “wassail” was synonymous with “carolling”…

…so, I went to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary…and typed in “wassail”.

I got a noun:

…which backs up the quiz’s answer.

HOWEVER I also got a verb:

So, I WAS right…

My score is a corrected 6 out of 10.

Thank you.

I got 9 out of 10 right. I missed the one about where letters addressed to Santa Claus go. I had no idea they actually forwarded those letters anywhere. The rest I knew because most of those questions I used for Christmas trivia in my newsletter for work.

I got 6 right. My mom makes wassail every year. It took me years to figure out that “wassail” was actually the “whastle” that she served on Christmas Eve.

Six out of 10 (my wife would’ve gotten the plant ones, which I missed)

5, but I should have had 6, since Rudolph isn’t mentioned in A Night Before Christmas, which is what I used to read to my boys every year, and therefore used to memorized the names of the reindeer.

Shoot, shoot, shoot! I ruined the thread, she said, hanging her head in shame. Sorry Shanin!