How much do you typically tip when using valet parking?

Question’s in the title. Poll to follow.

If you’re one of the people who said that your tip varies based on the base parking charge, please post in the thread to let us know how much you’d tip in the range of situations. Thanks!

I never go anywhere that requires valet parking. I guess the closest cities that would have it are Richmond, VA or Washington, DC.

Never use it. Ain’t nobody going to get their mitts on my 1998 Chevy Venture minivan.

Besides, if they scratch or dent it, how will I know? :smiley:

I think the only time I’ve ever valet parked at home was one, snowy day at the mall. The figure $5 seems to come to mind, but I don’t remember if that was tip, tip plus parking, or just parking.

Here in the big friggin’ city where they have the nerve to either charge you for a parking spot or don’t have parking spots but only valets, well, I used a valet all the friggin’ time. If I’m charged for the valet, then I usually give an extra $10 to $15 pesos. If it’s a tip-only valet, then usually I give $30 to $50 pesos. My vote above reflects the average translated into dollars.

I only valet park in Vegas when I’m there every 2 weeks- where I do so exclusively because 1: it’s free 2: it’s way easier than trying to navigate through parking garages and the back of casinos.

I have to admit, I always wonder if I am tipping the right amount, because I’ve heard amounts allllll over the place. Some people say you just tip when you drop off, some say you just tip when you pick up, some say you do both.

Personally, I don’t tip when I drop my car off (I rarely notice anyone else doing this-- and I do watch), but tip $1-$4 when I pick my car up, depending on how fast they are. I’d say it’s almost always $2, but sometimes a little more, very rarely less. If they get my bag (which I almost always get myself), I’ll give them an extra $2.

Vegas is an odd duck, though, what with the prevalence of free valets.

Oh, and interestingly: I had a friend that always tipped $20 when she dropped off her car and $20 when she picked it up. She was by no means wealthy, but someone had once told her that was the norm!

A coupla bucks. But I rarely use the service. If it is optional, I park myself. If it is a restaurant, I’d dine elsewhere.

15% of the value of the car. Any less, and you’re just another stiff.

This is exactly why I don’t drive my Bentley when I’m going out. It’s a recession, guys!

Ah. If only I still had my '83 Chevy Chevette.

Of course, that car would never have MADE it to Vegas to park in valet…

The people get paid to do that don’t they? Why should I give them extra? Of course if I was a millionaire I’d tip everybody with 100 dollar bills just to show off. :cool:

Do you feel this same way about wait staff at restaurants?

I only run into so many valet situations in a year, and it’s usually when out having a good time and already dropping good money so I tip $5.

My family was mad that I tipped a valet $5 (too much) at my brother’s wedding reception, which was being held at my cousin’s swanky party space downtown. I was all “It’s a joyous occasion! I am feeling great! You’re all lucky I didn’t give him $5 AND a kiss!”

$2 or $3, if I have it. I hate valet parking. I already pay $240 a month to park there, and it only happens when I have had an offsite meeting, so I arrive after all the self park spots are gone.

I then spend the whole day thinking my key chain feels odd (as it does today) for not having the car starter on it.

On the other hand, much as I hate doing it, it isn’t the employees fault, and they are nice guys. I don’t know what to do when (as in the last couple of times) they just hand me my keys and point to the car for me.

Where is it? At a shopping mall, where they’re probably parking 20 cars an hour? I figure everyone’s tipping AT LEAST a buck and $20 an hour is decent. At a small restaurant where turnover isn’t quick I’d tip more.

This is all hypothetical. My car’s too embarassing to have someone else park it. I’d rather walk three miles in heels in 30 degree weather than let a stranger I’ll never ever see again drive my grocery getter.

I chose ‘based on the parking fee’ but I’ve never had to deal with a fee that was more than $20 a day, so it works out to be a $2-3 tip.

I put $4-5, but that’s because the only time I’ve used valet parking was at the hospital when I was bringing my wife in to give birth. It just seemed like good karma to be generous.

My last day of my most recent trip to Vegas, I was feeling playful and tipped my valet a silver eagle. One ounce of pure silver coinage and he looks at me like I just spit in his hand.

I usually tip a couple of bucks. Maybe more if I see some enthusiasm and hustle in their actions.

$2, same as in town.

The only places I use valet parking are at restaurants where the parking is otherwise free. These restaurants are usually in areas where there is no/little free parking, so I am happy with $4 - $5.

I hardly ever use it. The only place I remember using it was at the hospital - and that was because I was recovering from surgery, their parking lot is huge, and I wasn’t 100% sure I could make the walk. (Although to be fair, they do run a shuttle.)

Anyway, I gave the guy a buck.