How much does Dell charge for shipping

I don’t want to go through the trouble of setting up an account at dell and faking like i’m going to buy a computer, can anyone give me a ballpark on what you were charged and what shipping service they use.

You can view their basic shipping rates without going through the whole process. They offer free 3-5 day shipping on some systems, which is often a great deal.

You can “estimate shipping and tax” after adding it to your cart. You just need to enter the zip code and the shipping method. No account needed.

I just ordered a laptop and standard 3-5 day shipping is $49, with a $49 mail-in rebate.

No idea who they use though, I’ve been looking for that on their website to no avail.

I just received a computer I ordered from Dell, and they used Purolator to ship it. That may be different in the States though. I can’t tell you how much shipping is normally because I bought my computer during a promotion where shipping was completely free, no mail-in rebate or anything. :slight_smile:

Ugh, $100 for ground shipping? Shit, the Dimension 3000 is probably a better deal then.

I meant the shipping was $49 before the $49 rebate, so the shipping comes out to be free…if that wasn’t clear.

If you were getting your info from someplace else, nevermind.

No, I wasn’t referring to you. I did what SmackFu recommended and got an estimate for ground shipping on a desktop.

Luckily they have a deal where if you buy a desktop for $600 or more you get free ground shipping.

I just got a desktop from Dell yesterday and since it cost over $600, I got the shipping free. Otherwise, it would have been around $100.

Ah. I suppose there would be different shipping rates for laptops versus desktops (espically including a monitor…). I didn’t consider that before.

They use UPS in the United States.

I just ordered a laptop and got the $49 instant rebate thing. We’ll send in the rebate when we get the laptop.

The taxes were what knocked me in the ass. $78 on a $1300 computer.

Now if the darn thing would hurry up and ship (okay, I only placed the order on Wednesday night…).


Hey, I ordered mine Wednesday too! AND mine was about $1300! I got a 700m. What’d you get?

Heh - no wonder the website was slow!:slight_smile:

I got a 5160 - it was around $1200 before tax and shipping. I can’t wait - for $1200, I got a fairly decent loaded 'puter! My Sony has been great to me, but we decided to upgrade so when my husband’s computer conks out, we can both use the laptop. I’m selling my Vaio to a co-worker - she’s going to give it to her teenaged daughter.

My main stipulations were that I was able to play the Sims 2 on it (I upgraded the graphics card, just to make sure) and that I can do some low-tech video editing (I’m hoping to expand into a small wedding video business at some point) - it seems to be good for both of those things, so now I just can’t wait to get it!

Okay, odd question - but I’m being anal and checking the ‘schedule’ on their website. Mine’s gone through processing and pre-production, and is now in production, but hasn’t given me any more info since yesterday morning. Has yours starting kitting or building or testing or whatever? (Nah, I’m not anxious to get the new one…). It’s scheduled to ship on Nov 1, but I’m hoping I’ll get it before then.


Eh, I don’t know anything about the shipping, but if you order before the end of the month there’s a coupon code at for thirty bucks off an order of $800 or more.

Dell screwed us on an upgrade for Mrs. Plant.
We didn’t get a $200 rebate the salesperson promised.

There was a coupon code posted on one of the “bargainhunter” websites I go to for $750 off of a $1500 laptop, so it was rather busy, to say the least.

My 700m was $1935 before the coupon. All I upgraded was the battery (the standard battery is apparently pitiful, the upgraded one lasts for about 5 hours), the integrated wireless (802.11 a/b/g 54Mbps), and the warranty (3 years of everything, including the “complete care” or whatever…I’ve never had a laptop before so I’m not taking any chances). It’s got integrated video, so I won’t be able to play 3d games, but that’s ok. I got it mainly for the connectivity and portability – I’m still a student, so I wanted to have something I could take to class or the library or to the Union to work on stuff, or wherever. It’s 1.5" thick and 4.1 pounds (plus whatever the upgraded battery brings it to), so it’s small enough to carry around, and it apparently has the brightest 12.1" wide-aspect screen any reviewer has seen. It came with a free upgrade to 512 MB of RAM, so I figured that was good enough. 30 GB HD, and that’s good enough (the desktop I’m on has 160 and not nearly half full), 1.60 Ghz processor. I just got the plain DVD drive, but they’re modular so I can replace it later if I decide I need to (got a DVD burner on the desktop though, so I don’t imagine I will…).

Wow, Nov. 1! You’re lucky. Mine says it’s In Production (it’s been that way basically since I got the confirmation email), but the estimated ship date isn’t until the 11th. I’m excited too.

For what it’s worth, I got an email telling me mine wouldn’t be shipped until the 29th but I got it yesterday on the third day UPS tried delivering so it was actually shipped out on something like the 17th.

Sounds like a good system! Darn, I should have hit up the Dope for coupons;). I like that extra RAM - and I did get the 30 GB hard drive, but I figure I can always attach an external drive if necessary. Honestly, my main reason for getting it is because I REALLY want to play the Sims 2. I figure this one’ll last us for quite awhile.

Aesiron, that’s positive. I’m just hoping to have it before next weekend since I’m out of town. We’ll see. I really can’t wait to get it!:slight_smile:



Where do you live?

My Dell, shipped to Maryland, attracted no taxes.