How much effort to remove a rapist's testicles?

Last night at Stammtisch, we somehow got into a discussion that one of the members had seen an “expert” on Oprah talking about how to prevent rape. If I’m quoting correctly (and this is third hand now) he said if you grab a perv by the balls, pull down and twist, “it only takes 8 lbs of pressure” to pull the boys off. There was also discussion on whether it was even easier to remove an ear (6 lbs).

  1. Is this even vaguely correct?
  2. How would you test something like this on, say, Mythbusters? Cadavers?
  3. If this is correct, then what’s the relation to other more mundane tasks, such as removing a lid from a pickle jar?
  1. If you want live test subjects you could get those Hindu dudes who castrate themselves in devotion to… Shiva(?) before they actually go through with it. Of course, you’d have to be a sadist.

Maybe the twisting makes a difference, I don’t know. I’m pretty sure there are accounts of people lifting weights considerably heavier than 8 pounds attached to their scrotum.

However, I imagine that applying 8 pounds of twisty pull on a rapist’s balls might at least spoil his mood.

I’ve never tried to rip human skin, and my castration experience is limited to animals, but the women in these two cases didn’t seem to have too much trouble.

Surgical castration techniques vary depending on species, age/maturity etc, but it doesn’t involve pulling off the scrotum itself. I have no idea how much force would be required for that, or whether twisting would help tear the skin. If the blood vessels aren’t ligated, pulling the testicles till the vessels stretch and eventually break will limit bleeding.

I’m sure the actual advise was in regards to incapacitating a man, not actually pulling the testicles off - crazy dudes have pulled cars with their junk, I don’t think any woman’s going to just twist them off!

Here’s the technique.

While you’re at it, try to poke his eyes out at the same time, with your other hand. Men will instinctively attempt to protect their testicles at all costs, which means that an attack to the testicles will likely be foiled… But which also means that he’ll be distracted against other attacks, which will therefore be more likely to succeed.

I’m just glad this wasn’t a “need answer fast!” thread.

I can tell you it’s not true for the ear. I’ve been pulling and twisting on my own ear for a couple minutes now, gradually increasing until I was giving it my entire non-forced effort. It isn’t even starting to hurt, and if it wasn’t six pounds I must be a really weak man to not be able to pull six pounds without straining. *

  • Don’t try this at home.

If a woman rips off a man’s testicles, isn’t he likely to kill her if she doesn’t get away quickly? It seems risky to me.

If it were possible he would be in so much pain as to not even be aware she is standing next to him.

I would advise kicking or punching the general area rather than trying to grab anything. This is to increase the likelyhood of success. Once you’ve tagged him in the nuts you have a better chance of repeating the process.

When chimpanzees attack, they always go for the genitals, but they’re stronger than humans.

i believe that is the ancient martial arts move - panzee plucks peaches, a good counter to the coloured wolf double clawed frontal attack.

FWIW, when Mammahomie was about 16 GrandmaHomie sent her to a women’s self-defense class. She was taught (among other things) to puke on her assailant. To this day Mammahomie can puke on cue.

The chimps or the genitals?

I have no intention of getting into a situation where a woman is pulling my testicles off, but if, on the odd chance that it ever happened…

It would become my life’s work to find, and kill, such a person. I have no balls at that point, so it’s not like I have anything else pressing to do. Or, having no balls, I’d just procrastinate about it… :smiley:

As to the OP, I doubt 8# of force will remove them, but it would certainly do a number for his ability to press an attack for a significant portion of time.

I’ve heard several of these “so and so lbs of pressure” claims in a martial arts setting. I find them questionable.

The first thing that jumps out is the units. Pounds is a force unit, pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (for example), i.e. psi. Pressure is a distributed load, force is a total load.

So when they say 8 lbs of pressure, do they mean 8 lbs, or 8 psi? What force load is required to get 8 psi in the tissue around the testicles?

Another factor is the difference between a slow pull and a quick yank. A quick yank will impart a larger impulse load than a slow pull with the same force, which translates into more damage.

I’m fairly certain you can yank an ear off, though I have not tried it. I am less certain you can actually remove the nutsack, but you can certainly make the guy feel like you did so. (Just checked toodlepip’s links, so it is apparently possible.)


That kind of pain is incapacitating. He won’t be able to do much more than clutch his crotch, maybe limp away. Get out of range, he can’t chase you well.

Magiver said:

Striking can be just as effective and easier. Trying to grasp through jeans might be a challenge, for instance. But Chronos is right, men will instinctively protect their crotch if they sense you going for it. A simultaneous or followup to the eyes and/or throat is a good combo.

Just for grins (experimentation), I tried grabbing myself through my jeans. I can’t actually get ahold of anything solid, the jeans are too resistive. However, in the process, I can tweak my nuts enough to hurt. Not incapacitating pain, but enough to flinch. A flinch is a window of distraction. They focus on their nuts, hit them in the eyes. They block their face, knee the groin. They’re blocking both of those, kick them in the knee. Then get away.

Nuts are a small target, really. Throwing random, panicked kicks or knees at a guy’s groin will more than likely hit the inner thigh or pelvis rather than the jewels themselves. Besides, it’s quite easy to block the only angle that works on them (i.e. vertical upwards), you only have to close your legs. And guys do that quite, quite instinctively :stuck_out_tongue:

Your last suggestion is the one I’d go for, were I trying to defend myself for realz. It’s an easy, incapacitating target, and one that’s hard to protect. Go for the knee. A good, solid kick to the side of the knee hurts like a motherfuck and might just break or twist the joint. Even if it doesn’t, the guy’s going to limp for a good long while. Kicking upwards just under the floating bone (patella ?) from the front works too.

From the first of the articles cited above was a phrase you don’t hear too often: “Mr Hutchinson’s testicle was later found by police under a picture frame.”

Man, this thread is going to have me walking bow-legged the rest of the day.

I don’t know what Adam and Jamie would come up with for this, but I can guarantee they’d get their best … ratings … EVER!

1.) Another use for slaughtered pigs!

2.) “Buster” the Test Dummy gets a new Body Part! Engineered by Adam!

3.) Or they can have a competition – Can Adam or Jamie build the more lifelike scrotum?

4.) Or, better still, Keri!