how much energy does a human body put out

At rest, and besides heat, what kinds of energy does the human body put out? I hear about brain waves, why would the brain put out different kinds (or different levels?) of energy when it’s in different states? What about the rest of the body?

It will vary depending on many factors but using this calculator for myself it says I would burn 1,530 calories if I did nothing but sit still for 24 hours (note if I was sleeping for 24 hours it’d be less…~1,360 calories).

1 calorie = ~4.19 joules of energy

So, I’d use 6,411 joules of energy sitting around for a day (or about 4,729 foot pounds of force if all added together).

Note that activity increases energy use even if it is nothing more than actively thinking about something (e.g. working out a problem in your head for instance).