How much for a beer?

Since this is a really small and irrelevant question I put it here instead of in GQ.

How much is a beer in an average bar in the US?

Pint - $3.00 - $7.00 ($7.25 at Disney World)

Bottle - $1.75 - $5.00

It completely depends on where you are. If you find yourself in a dive, you might run into a “Quarter Beer” night, in which case every beer is 25 cents. “Sink-or Swim” is also a cost effective way to purchase drinks when you’re out and about (one cover charge and you drink for the night). But if you’re in a nice club or in a prissy martini bar or something, the price goes waaaaaay up.

Slightly off topic, there is a bar in Darwin, Australia, that used to have alcohol prices based on a kind of stockmarket system. The more that a certain drink got bought, the higher the price got. It was all displayed on a screen I believe. As the less popular drinks got cheaper, people will start buying it until some other drink dropped in price. Quite a neat idea.

Beer in China is insanely cheap. I can buy 640 ml. bottles of Budweiser for .50 and 640 ml. bottles of Carlsburg for .72

John’s Pub in lovely Kildeer, Illinois:
Draft - $1.50
Bottle - $2.50

The Stadium in beautiful Rolling Meadows, Illinois:
Bottle - $2.25
Draft - can’t say because they have different sizes from regular to honkin’ big.

At The Club, where I work:

Domestic Pints: $2
Import Pints: $2.50-$4.00
Pitchers: $6-$9

Domestic Bottles: $2.75
Import Bottles $3-$4

20 oz “Bombers”: $4


Lawrence, Kansas. College town.

Dive bar: $1.50 (pbr can) - $4.00 (guinness pint)

Nice bar: $2.50 (anything on special, or local stuff) - $6.00 (guinness pint)

Martini bar: $3.00 - $7.00

My local bar in Columbus Ohio:

Domestic bottle happy hour $1.50
Domestic bottle non happy hour $2.00

Import $2.50 happy hour
Import $3.00 non happy hour

Draft domestic pint $2.00 every day except Monday…Monday $1.00
Other drafts range from $2.50 to $3.50 pint

Oscar’s on Sansom: 3.75 for a 20-oz glass of Yeungling’s Lager
I usually pay 3.00-4.00 for a pint of Yeungling’s Lager.

At the Colorado pub in Pasadena, a pint of Guinness or Sierra Nevada is $3.

I have no idea what they charge for Bud and Miller, because when a place has Guinness on tap for $3 a pint, that’s what I’m havin’!

But, then, I can also go to Trader Joe’s and get a six pack of something like Full Sail ale for $5. So I usually drink at home.

At what is the de facto college bar in town, beer goes for $1.60 for draft and $2.10 for a bottle.

At BJ’s Restaurant and Brewpub in Brea, Ca where I had lunch today, the craft beers are $3.25 a pint. I recommend the Blonde Kolsch. :smiley:

I frequent the Streets of London pub here in Sacramento, which has a dozen or so ales on tap. I can honestly say I have no idea how much they charge.

I’m not sure what that says about me, but I don’t care because the food is great, and the beer is ***not * ** ice cold.

Minneapolis, Minnesota:
Pint: $4 - $6.
Bottle: $3.50 - $5.

Small-town Iowa:
Bottle: $1.50 - $2.00
Pitcher: $4 - $5.

This is why I like drinking in small-town Iowa. I can get me an my buddy feeling no pain for less then it costs just me to achieve the same level in Minneapolis. Plus, if you tip $1 per drink in small-town Iowa, you’re probably the best tipper in the place.

Another Orlandoper!

A pint is $4 at Planet Hollywood. Make of that what you will.


Sort of.

In Las Vegas, even in the Gay bars, you NEVER pay for a drink - if you are playing the video poker machines at the bar (and they are in every bar). Also, for those visiting Las Vegas, even if you go to an expensive Strip hotel lounge bar where a beer can set you back $5 or more, if you ask for a roll of quarters and play the machine, the beer (or any drink, for that matter) is on the house. The way I see it, I might as well throw $5 in the machine (and maybe win) than throw $5 on the bar, and then be expected to leave a tip to boot!

BTW, in the Gay bars here, if you don’t play the machines, you can get a large pitcher of draft beer for about $5 or less. They also have a beer bust at a local bar where beer is free three nights a week…if you strip down and only wear underwear in the bar.
Very popular nights at those bars.