How much for an Iphone?

I have a two years old notebook and I use a Nokia 1100 as a cellphone but I want an Iphone and I want it more than love.
Here in Argentina a 3gs Iphone of 16 GB costs $1000.
My sister is currently in U.S.A. so I have to questions.

  1. How much does that phone cost there without a contract?
  2. How much an Iphone 3g of 16 GB costs? Is the difference between the two of them enough to justify the difference in price.

If you want to bring an iPhone back to Argentina, do not get a US one. Unless things have changed recently, you can’t get one without a contract in the US. Any iPhones you do get are locked to a US carrier (mobile-phone company), and you won’t be able to get it unlocked to use it with your Argentinan carrier. The situation is similar here in Canada, even though we have competition between carriers.

I have no problem with carriers offering locked phones at a lower price; the practice gets phones into the hands of people like me. I just wish they were required to offer them unlocked as well.

You’d be better off ordering from a country where Apple sells unlocked phones.

I recently asked about an iPhone for a Russian friend. See herefor some helpful advice.

While this is the official version of events

a) if you’re willing to wait at least a month, you can pay a $170 Early Termination Fee to get out of your AT&T contract
b) Software for jailbreaking and unlocking is available although it’s somewhat of a legal grey area & also a bit of a hassle.

This is all true. I don’t know how bringing in a grey-market phone or unlocking your phone affects getting support from Apple if something goes wrong, as it did with mine. (My phone had battery issues; I got a full no-cost replacement at the Apple store).