How much hair should a person loose daily?

I dont mean like going bald, just the normal daily stuff?

Does stress make it fall out worse?

Do women ‘shed’ more at certain times?
(hormonal, or seasonal)

I have been under a bit more stress than usual the last few weeks, and I am loosing hair by the handfuls, and I dont mind telling you I am spooked.I really like my hair on my head!

Oh, that is not normal, you must research this on the net first & see if you come up with anything. Could be a bunch of things.
Hope no one switched your shampoo with Nair.

People are not supposed to lose clumps or handfuls of hair at a time. You are probably right that it’s being caused by stress; if so, there’s not much you can do about it, except eliminate the source of the stress.

Seventy to one hundred hairs are sloughed off daily even for a healthy non-balding person.
(It pays to read your Encyclopedia Britanica for Kids!)

Oh, and stop cooking those burritos with the microwave door open…

It really depends on how much hair you keep locked up at one time.
Say for example I had ten strands put away. I wouldn’t mind setting all of them loose at one time.
Guess it depends on how mean you are.

Sorry, Kells. Some things just gotta be done.

Cute Scotty, cute. :wink:

Maybe it is only 100 hair, although that STILL seems like alot, but my hair is to my shoulder blades in the back,so may be it just looks like more.

Maybe I will try to count 'em.

kelli-if it makes you feel any better, I had really long hair when I had back surgery. When I got out of the hospital it fell out in DROVES! I couldn’t believe it…Strangly, it never looked any different and after a few weeks it stopped. I probobly wouldn’t sweat it…

Run for the hills, folks! Or you’ll be up to your armpits in martians!

I think you should just start a thread asking everyone what to do to help you with the strass you are under.

Oh wait… You already do that…

Just shave it off!

Yer pal,

Kelli, if it’s more than you normally lose, talk to a doctor. Stress is a major cause of hair loss, but you should make sure that there isn’t some underlying medical problem.

Based on your other posts, though, I’d say you have enough stress to account for almost anything! Hang in there, girl.

The Cat In The Hat

I know two people who had this happen to them. In both cases the doctor’s told them it was stress related.

It’s bernard, just under new management

Alright all you grammer police … keep your shirts on.

“In both cases, their doctor told them it was stress related.” as opposed to doctor’s.

Sherry-losing hair by the “handful” happens all the time. It happens to me too- and has been for a few years now and I assure you its normal. It only seems like a handful because it all comes out when you comb it, and when you arent it stays where it is (even though its unattached) because your hair tangles it.

Hope that cleared things up for ya.