How much IS all the tea in China worth?

While Cecil neatly answered the question of “how much tea is there in China,” he didn’t say how much it was worth.

My admittedly limited knowledge of futures and commodities does not extend to the current price of tea in bulk. Not only that, but I have no idea how much of each variety of tea is produced in China, so I wouldn’t be able to figure this out even if I knew what each was worth.

Any insight?

A link to the column is appreciated. The one in question is How much is all the tea in China worth?

Whoops. Been awhile.

Depends on the woman, I guess.

Peking is now Beijing, and now I guess there’s “T” in China. Tchina, maybe? :wink:

All the tea imported into Japan cost ¥12 billion for 20,000 tons. I’m sure someone smarter than me can do the math.