How Much Is Cabfare In The 60s ("Dick Van Dyke Show")

I was watching an episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show, it was the one where Laura finds out Buddy owes Rob money and pressures Rob to get it back. Then it turns out that it’s actually ROB who owes Buddy.

Anyway, Rob pays Buddy and they need change to make it work and Sally gets involved, you know…“Give me two fives for your ten…” kind of bit.

So at the end Sally says “Hold it, I need a dollar.” Buddy says “What for?” “I need a dollar for carfare. I only have a twenty and a linty sour ball, neither of which cab drivers will take.”

OK a dollar for a cab seems cheap even for the 1960s. We know Sally works in Manhattan and we know she lives “in the city” I guess we can assume it’s Manhattan.

So could a short hop in a cab from say central Manhattan to some other place in Manhattan cost only a buck? (In the early 60s that is)


I guess one can guess that it may have been around a buck in the early 60s…?