How much is this Gibson SG worth?

I have a Gibson SG guitar that I got from a bum roommate as collateral for rent and utilities a few years ago. It’s a good-looking thing that plays great, but I’m not really into guitars anymore and would like to unload it for some cash.

How can I figure out how much it’s worth? It’s a legitimate Gibson SG, not an Epiphone or something, and it doesn’t seem to be the most barebones entry model; the little hardware things about it are nicer than average. Is there some way to figure out what “model” it is?

Besides asking an expert, there are Web sites that will help you with that. If you don’t know much about guitars, some of them might be too technical, but you can get some info just from the serial numbers on the guitar.

And watch what you say about Epiphones, mine’s been very good to me. :wink:

Oh, I’m not bashing, just clarifying that it’s an actual Gibson SG. :wink:

Assuming your guitar is no more than 28 years old, the serial number will tell you the date of manufacture, which you’ll need to know in looking up its value. You’ll find the 8-digit serial number stamped on the back of the headstock. The first and fifth digits indicate the year, and the numbers in between are the day of the year the guitar was stamped. For example, the ES-135 sitting on my bed right now has the serial number 03472749. That indicates that the guitar was assigned its number on December 13 (the 347th day of the year), 2002. (The last three digits indicate, if I understand the system correctly, that mine was the 449th instrument stamped at the Gibson factory in Nashville that day.)

Thanks, Biffy! That’s exactly the type of info I was seeking.