How much is your mobile phone really costing you?

I have a $60 BLU R1 and a $50 a month plan with Simple Mobile with unlimited data. It runs on T Mobile’s network, but at a fraction of T Mobile’s rate for a single line.

So does my electricity bill; but I don’t care to go without that either.

It’s only expensive if you don’t put any effort into getting the right phone and plan for your needs. I paid $200 for my smartphone ~4 years ago and spend $30 a month for great quality of service.

UK, I pay £3.99 a month for 500 texts, 100 minutes, and I think 500mb of data. While that sounds low, I’ve never hit any of the caps, it’s mainly on Wifi. It’s only a 1 month rolling contract, so I can cancel any time.

Oh, and the phone was a friend’s old one, given me free.

I bought an iPhone SE. I pay 150 pesos (7.5USD) a month. Unlimited.

I misunderstood the OP. This was some warranty they tried to tack on.

The plan itself is something like $35/mo.

Been on Boost $30 a month for up to 3G data, unlimited calls, etc. I bought a Samsung j7 about four years ago. It’s having some issues and I’m considering going over to Spectrum. they have a bigger service area and I have a lot of family out in the sticks. The price is $14/mo/G. so if I run to 2G (which I never have), then it’s $28/mo. MOst of the time, it would be $14. Fees and taxes around $1.24/month.

Right now, you have to buy the phone from Spectrum. The pricing on line for the Samsung 8+ isn’t that far off the Spectrum price.

Who on earth spends $88 a year on apps?

Well, OK, bravo for you…

I have no use for all of that where I work with what I do (if I did it would, of course, be another matter). In fact, two of the positions I have held where I work I was forbidden to use a smartphone at work (they frown on forklift drivers playing on their phones while driving, and likewise when you have a job that entails talking face-to-face with customer after customer for an entire shift you don’t have time to use your phone, not to mention the negative impact on customer service) I get my e-mail/streaming/etc. at home with the laptop/gaming computer/internet there. I have two Kindles, one of which does video/streaming, and a tablet which can serve on those rare times I actually travel somewhere, as well as providing entertainment at home with, again, my home internet.

If you have a need for a high-end mobile phone of course you should get one, but I don’t need one and, as I have other devices that serve many of the same purposes for when I want those services for me it makes much more sense to keep the stupidphone and my current devices. My phone costs me $20/month. I forget what it cost - it’s been years since I had to make a payment for the hardware. For darn sure it was a lot less than 4 digits.

If you need a smartphone then get one.
If you want a smartphone and you can afford one it’s your money, have fun.
But if you don’t need one and don’t want one that’s money you can save for something else.

This is me, too. I never use the thing. Never sent a text in my life (well, maybe once. And that was enough to keep me from ever doing it again).

I’ll add one more to your list:
If you don’t want one and don’t need one, don’t act as if your basic cellular phone is in anyway equivalent to a decent smart phone.

You see, people will continue to wonder why you’re still using a basic phone. You boast that it is much cheaper. But they already know that. It’s not like that is some secret insider knowledge that only you have. They wonder why you are still using it, because you never tell them the real reason. The real reason is that you simply have no need for one, and don’t want one. If you continue to pretend that the only reason you don’t have a smart phone is simply because they are more expensive than regular phones, they will continue to wonder. Because even though they are more expensive, they are money savers for many professionals.

$30/month MetroPCS - unlimited talk, text, data, etc (plus $3 sales tax). $140 Android smartphone.

$25/mo for 1GB data and unlimited calling/texting. On Boom! Mobile, which is a Verizon reseller. My phone is a used iPhone SE I bought for maybe $300 a year or two ago. Although the fingerprint sensor has been acting up, so I might be getting a new something soon.

Side question, since there are plenty with cheap plans here: Has anyone used US Wireless? Looks like I could cover my current usage for under $20 a month and still be on Verizon’s network. But some of the resellers are not worth dealing with.

I think my app spending would average out to about $3 a year.

I’m on virgin mobile. It is $35/month, but after taxes and fees is closer to $38/month.

Its not terrible, but 5GB of data doesn’t always last a month.

I’ve got news for you.

You don’t actually have a phone. What you have is a hand-held computer that has the ability to make poor-quality phone calls.

I’ve got an oldish Samsung that I have a pre-paid thing for, just $30AUD for 60 days. I rarely use my phone, but found when I tried to switch down to a lower rate, on those few times I DID use it, it ran out of credit damned quick.

I’m happy with $30 for 60 days, if only to have my phone operational if I happen to break down on the freeway and need to contact the Road Assist peeps. :smiley:

No, I don’t act that way. My stupidphone is not equivalent to a smartphone. My point is that not everyone needs or wants a smartphone.

When I went phone-shopping a couple weeks ago (because I do try to be informed and, since I was re-doing my telecommunications package for my home why not check 'em out) I was told that some people are giving up their smartphones because they find they don’t need them. Some of us want a phone to make phone calls and/or texts and don’t need or have much use for the rest of what smartphones do.

No, actually right now my main reason really is that it is much cheaper. I don’t know why you would doubt that statement. I keep a pretty strict budget and right now the need to economize where possible outweighs the potential benefits of a smartphone.

Oooo… nice dig at folks who don’t have smartphones, implying that maybe they aren’t professionals! I am quite professional when I’m on the job, I just don’t have a job that requires a smartphone.

Actually, most people I know with smartphones don’t need them. They *want *them. Even the management where I work don’t *need *them for their work.


Take away the ability of my iPhone to make and recieve telephone calls and I wouldn’t really care. I prefer to communicate via text, making an average of one call a month.

I’m always baffled by the high telecommunication costs in the US, my monthly expenses for mobile service is in the same ballpark as those of the UK posters in this thread. I pay 10 € for 750 MB LTE data (though almost every month, I get additional 300 MB as a “gift” from my provider, so it’s really mostly 1 GB per month, which is sufficient for my needs). The cost for calls and text is 5 ct/min or 5 ct/SMS, respectively, but I very rarely make calls or text via SMS because my main means of communication is WhatsApp, so say maybe 2 or 3 € per month for calls and texts. I buy a new phone about every two or three years, always in the ballpark of 150 €. Those phones do everything I want for and I cannot understand why anyone needs a 1000 € phone. Also, I have never paid money for an app, I pay my apps by selling my personal data and being annoyed by ads, but that’s the way it is.

Verizon really basic flip-phone. I put $100 on it every year so the leftover balance rolls over. After five years my balance is now $212 and soon to be $312. At some point I either have to start actually using the darn thing or go to one of those burner-type pay-as-you-go phones. My phone is basically for emergencies and sometimes calling home when I’m out and about to check in. I don’t get incoming calls and I don’t really have any plans to change all that. For actual calls I still prefer my landline.