What Do You Pay For Your Cell Phone Service?

Just curious what everyone is paying for their cellular and data service. Ideally I’d like to get an idea what you each pay for individual plans, so if you’ve got a family plan or some other bundled services divide it up and select the option closest to the average per line. If you’ve got some really cheap or expensive plan post and let us know what the deal is.

Poll coming soon.

ETA: Please include the total including all taxes and fees, not just the advertised price. If some months are dramatically higher than others due to overages or other fees/purchases take a guess at the average.

I pay just under $20 a month ($15 + taxes and fees) for 50 minutes on a Jitterbug. I don’t use it much so that’s fine with me. No data however. No camera and no texting (although that could be added). These are for calls to US and Canada. The 50 minutes expire a month later, so I usually have 100 minutes.

That was what I wrote until I checked and discovered that they must have changed their policy so that minutes last for three months instead of two. My current balance is 139 minutes, which means I have used only 11 minutes in the last two months.

$8.33/month for Verizon, pre-paid. My account was grandfathered in from the old “Free-Up” plan.

So far, I spend less than $10 per month on an old iPhone.

I bought a used iPhone 3G for $50 and turned ‘Cellular Data’ OFF. Then I went to ATT and bought a GoPhone SIM card for $15 on the 10 cent/minute plan and activated it. I add to it in $25 increments - 250 minutes good for 90 days.

I make few calls, rarely text and limit data access to WiFi so it works out well for me.

(This required no special software or ‘jailbreaking’, it just works and ATT allows it.)

700 minutes = $60
Unlimited data = $30
VZ Navigator GPS = $10
Visual Voice Mial = $3
Loss/damage insurance = $8

I have an Android smartphone on a prepaid plan. Every two months or so, I buy a 1GB “data bundle” which costs ZAR300; 500MB/month is more than sufficient, since I’m on wifi most of the time. I spend at most R50 a month on calls, which means that my average monthly spend comes in below R200, or about $30 US.

450 minutes (free incoming calls, nights and weekends starting at 7)
Unlimited messaging
5 GB data (includes GPS navigation)

$69.99 a month.

Hallgirl 1, Hallboy and I share a plan with AT&T. Hallgirl1 and I both have iPhones with unlimited texting and data (I use the internet on my iPhone a LOT). Hallboy has a plain old phone with texting (no internet). We share minutes and have so many rollover minutes it’s outrageous. (All of our family and friends are apparently AT&T customers so we rarely even get anywhere near close to using our minutes.) Our plan for all three phones is $160 a month. That includes taxes and fees.

$25/month + $2.50 sales tax, Virgin Mobile smartphone. Unlimited internet, unlimited text, 300 minutes. If I use more minutes, I’ll go up to the $40, 1200 minute plan.

Previously, I used 300 minutes per month on a prepaid TMobile account for 9.5 cents/minute (10 cents per minute, put purchased at callingmart.com at a discount), so I’m paying less per month now, but getting unlimited internet and texting.

My daughter is finishing out a TMobile contract for $49/month + $15-$20 taxes for unlimited texting, no internet, and 500 minutes talk. She’ll switch to Virgin Mobile as soon as they fix their Optimus internet problem they’ve been promising for 3 weeks.

Other daughter: $30/month + $3 sales tax Virgin Mobile Blackberry plan, same plan as mine except an extra $5 for Blackberry network.

Husband: 9.5 cents per minute TMobile prepaid, probably uses 100 minutes a month or less.

Wow, how do you get these lower prices? I was just quoted $95 per month for a 4G, unlimited by Verizon.

Page Plus. Resells the Verizon network. I add $10 online every other month or so.

My job is tech support over the phone. I talk on the phone 8+ hours a day for my job.

Off-hours, I don’t want to be on the phone. I have a cheapo phone and it is on my 70+ year old parent’s account for $10 a month, because I use it all of about 40 minutes a month, mostly to them and my sisters.

No reason for me to own a smart phone. That kind of bill would be about $2 per minute of use.

Basic phone that I rarely turn on (use it mostly when I’m meeting someone). I have a pay-as-you-go plan with Tracfone that costs $100/year for more minutes than I need.

Smartphone but no data plan.

300 minutes $40
300 messages $5
Taxes/fees $10


Unfortunately, your poll only goes down to $40/mo, I’d have chosen <$10 if you had it.

Plain Jane Tracfone. Set up a plan to maintain the service @ $6/mo, and occasionally add minutes when I need to. When I add minutes, it automatically extends the service, so my “monthly” charge doesn’t pick up again until the new expiration date.

I’m another one with under $40 a month.

Lately, I’ve been having issues with people who own smartphones and don’t remember/realize that not everyone else does. Encountered yet another person yesterday who was irate I was not responding to text messages. Sorry, my phone does not have that capability. Seriously, it took me 15 minutes to convince this person that really, no, I have zero text capability. Send me a text it falls into a communication black hole.

I thought I was the only one left with a dumb phone, but looking at the poll it seems there’s still quite a few of us.

I thought we were paying extortionate fees in Australia but my smartphone plan is under $30. Mind you I don’t use it much.

I pay $154 per month for 3 smartphones (wife and two teens) with unlimited data and texting and 1,500 anytime minutes - not fantastic but I’m happy with it since I don’t need to worry about overages on texts and data which can be an issue with 2 teenagers. (My own phone is provided by my employer).

I don’t have a smart phone, but I can get and send texts. Smart phones are i-phones and the like, correct?