How much money did the actors in Star Wars, the force awakens earn

I’m hoping they all came out pretty well financially, but have no idea. Especially considering that some of the main characters are fairly unknown.

What salary did they all get for this film? Did they get any % of the total gross of the movie?

From The Guardian: Harrison Ford was paid $25 million plus a cut of the earnings (which could total $34 million or more). $1.5 million for Carrie Fisher and $450,000 each for Daisy Ridley and John Boyega.

Important that JB and DR get a cut when the movie passes 1B
For your very first movie I am guessing 450k is very good


Also, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega are going to be the leads in the next films and will get much more money for them. Plus they go from completely unknown to worldwide fame overnight, so they should be able to get other roles as well.

I like John Boyega’s journey because he’s a local kid - from a poor area, an immigrant family - and the system kind of worked; someone saw he had artistic talent in an early school production and the family got support as needed all the way through. Exactly how it’s supposed to be. Adele is another of that generation from a nearby area and similar background (single mother in her case).

Just two data points for all inner London schools but exam results generally support what they suggest.

Daisy Ridley is pretty much the opposite - one of those well-educated English girls who can basically run the world from aged 16.

Back in 1977, Harrison Ford was paid just over $10,000 to play Han Solo in the first Star Wars, and after the film’s overwhelming success, the actor became a legend, and one of the most important icons of the film.

But I am surprised he got so much for this movie; I thought because of his age he wasn’t that big a star anymore in terms of pulling people to movies.

Fwiw, Boyega popped into the Ritzy yesterday:

The last time he was top-billed, Ford apparently earned a bigger paycheck – for the most recent INDIANA JONES flick, which grossed three-quarters of a billion dollars.

The article from The Guardian that I linked to included a quote from someone at Disney who said that he was critical to the movie, in terms of linking the old cast and the new cast. They thought him more important in this respect than Carrie Fisher or Mark Hamill. (Certainly they could have written the story to make Mark Hamill/Luke Skywalker more prominent but they chose not to.)

So how much did Mark Hamill get for turning around and pulling off his hood? :rolleyes:

More wealth than you can imagine!


I don’t know; I can imagine quite a bit.

My guess is that Mark Hamill got about what Carrie Fisher received. And I’m thinking that he’s going to have a prominent role in the next film, so that may be his big pay day.

Nicely done.

From what I saw online, he and Carrie Fisher both made in the ‘low seven figure range’. So pretty good money for standing around in a robe. However I can’t find an actual dollar amount.

I’m sure Hamill will be much more prominent in future episodes, so maybe part of the money was just to make sure he was onboard for future episodes.

I just wanted to make sure the 2 main unknown characters didn’t get screwed. If they are in future episodes, and they get paid more, and they get better acting gigs out of this then that is fine. However the studios had to know this film would probably gross $1 billion at minimum, so paying them scraps is not fair.

It’s fair market value considering Fisher hardly acts anymore and Hamill is known more for voice-over work. Ford starred in more blockbusters than I can remember, including all the Indiana Jones films and the Jack Ryan flicks. Is he worth 25 mill? Not to me.

I read that each of them received 1/4 points in the original films, which should be plenty to live comfortably until they pass on.

Done and done:

And it hasn’t even opened in China yet!

My guess is the studios pay the actor’s fair market value. Harrison Ford has been active and part of a number of successful projects since Star Wars. Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill less-so, and the two newbies are, well, new.

Their importance (the newbies) to the story being told probably has little bearing on what they got paid. However, I can see that Hamill and Fisher probably were able to leverage their prior roles in the series when negotiating price. For the newbies, they have to know getting cast in Star Wars series would be huge, no matter what they got paid for this episode.

By way of comparison, Robert Downey Jr was an established actor but one with a troubled history when he made the first Iron Man movie for which he was paid $500,000. That’s not much for the lead role in a movie with a budget of $140 million. But he was paid $10 million for Iron Man 2 and $50 million for Iron Man 3, as the movies have performed well. (Numbers are from IMDB.)