How much of a bitch is it to change the heater core on a '98 Grand Am?

I’ve got a friend who has a blown heater core, past the point of no return as far as AlumAseal or Bars is concerned.
Needs to have it ripped out and replaced.

Bitch or no-bitch??

I did the heater core on an ‘88 Thunderbird, so I know Bitch. I’ve done several other vehicles’ cores so my understanding is pretty solid.

Hit me with the facts! (and maybe a link to a step-by-step!)

Bitch. As much work as the T-bird.

This assumes you have A/C.

You can bypass the heater core by connecting its inlet and outlet hoses together with a pipe. Solves the leak problem, but not viable once the weather turns cold, so it’s just a delaying tactic.

I had the evaporator core on an ‘88 T-Bird go out so I tore into that bitch and it was a bitch. Ten minutes after getting it all put back together and checking out my new cold-blowin’ a/c, I noticed coolant dripping from the heater core drain. It was a bitch both times.

:frowning: Yes, it has air.

Been done. :wink:

Exactly. It’s only a month or two from foggy morning commutes around these parts.