How much of a loss or the separatist areas of Ukraine?

I heard that the two breakaway regions of Ukraine are also a couple of the wealthiest. This is still a bit ambiguous to me so perhaps somebody can clarify.

How much population will Ukraine lose?
How much of their total GDP will be lost?
How much land area will be lost?

Besides these hard numbers, or any other major critical assets being lost? Infrastructure, military bases, etc.?

Ukraine will lose about 4% of its land area and 5-6% of its population. Loss in GDP is hard to figure - maybe 3-4%. Most of the economy appears to be tourism and agriculture, with some industry. Crimea has ports on the Black Sea, and some gas and oil fields, but it’s just middling in wealth compared to the rest of Ukraine.

The two oblasts: Donetsk and Luhansk have a total population of 6.6 million (15% of Ukraine).
The rebels currently control about 2/3 of that population (but less than half the area).

This is not counting Crimea, which is another ~5%.