How much of a pleb or a snob are you according to your interests? Find out here.

I want a fabulous tier :frowning: “Good” doesn’t seem fancy enough, and I need a few more tiers for a wide enough spread.
How is “The A Team” in movie aristocratic while than “The A Team” in TV series form is plebeian? Is watching “Jessica Jones” plebeian, overgrown teenager or both?

Near as I can figure, it says I should be god-king with the rest of you building great monuments in my honor. Perhaps I am misinterpreting, though.

What if I play video games about history? Reading the works of St. Thomas makes one a pleb?

I air-conduct Rigoletto; read Buffy Season 8 graphic novels; have improv debates where we take the parts of Thomas Aquinas, Diogenes of Sinope, and John Locke; watch the NFL; shoot at the NRA headquarters range; watch “Modern Family,” and “The Big Bang Theory;” listen to Toby Keith and Suzy Bogguss; follow Pokemon and The Avengers; and collect single-malt Scotch.

To which tier do I belong?

It’s not. “Cinema” doesn’t connote the same thing as “movie.”

Plebeian people don’t like sports? That boggles the mind.

Why do “comic books” get ranked two whole steps above the bottom “teenager” category which includes “super heroes” and “anime”? Seems pretty inconsistent.

Oh, so “cinema” refers only to movies that need the interpretation of a capital-c Critic to be understood? Like “literature” vs “reading”…

That kind of distinction isn’t aristocratic, it’s snobbish. Very different things, specially since the most intense snobs are those of the “I wish I was high class but I’m not” variety.

In typical American English, yes, that’s roughly the idea.

Could be. The source upthread may not be using “aristocratic” well.

I don’t know, but does it have room for me too?

What happens when I teach History while wearing a superhero T-shirt to kids who are likely stoned?

I’m confused, too. I feel stupider for looking at that chart and trying to figure it out.

I liked Derleth’s blast-from-the-past graphic. Anyone know of any more like that from other eras?

Do you keep transcripts of your debates? I’d love to read a transcript of a debate in which Diogenes of Sinope participates!

Anyone who thinks that listening to metal makes one an overgrown teenager hasn’t done enough research and isn’t worth listening to.

Well, they probably don’t play metal anyway.

Well, I’ve never gone out and bought one, but if someone gave me a Statue of a Lady with a Clock. . .Where her Stomach Ought to Be, I would totally keep it.

Low-Brow it is.

No, I got that as well. Would sir prefer his monuments oriented with any particular celestial bodies, magnetic north, or population center? And does sir have a preference of building materials? I am in the process of yoking up the residents of Baltimore and Detroit for a labor pool so the size of sir’s megalith complex should not be an impediment to sir’s timely enjoyment of same.

No, nothing nearly so formal – this is just kind of an after-dinner game we play sometimes – we pick historical figures and role-play them in debate.

I clicked on the image, expecting something amusingly pointless. Expectation 50% fulfilled. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the “amusingly” part.