How much of a pleb or a snob are you according to your interests? Find out here.

Take a look at this image:

Post all of which apply to you and where you apply

If we’re going to do this, we might as well do it with some sense of historical context, as opposed to a shit-tier image which reflects nothing but the uneducated biases of one person: This, at least, reflects the barely-educated biases of a 1949 LIFE magazine columnist. There ain’t no class anxiety like Mid-Century American class anxiety, 'cause Mid-Century American class anxiety was a barely-disguised proxy for racism and antisemitism.

Any particular reason you couldn’t just write the words from that image right in your post? Or perhaps even create a poll? Why link to an image?

Why not?

What does your rant have to do with the op?

What if you have interests on every tier?

I’m confused. Is this a picture of words that randomly fell out of a dictionary?


I had a library job once where I was assigned to the Government Documents Tier. And really, I’ve been there ever since.

Right now, I’m working on “Change in U.S. Livestock Production, 1969-92,” by Agricultural Economic Report No. (AER-754), July 1997.

I’m a good, aristocratic, plebeian teenage student.

In the U.K. how to use a gun would be the mark of a gentleman or lady, and thus would be firmly in the aristo category. Only those plebs serving the aristos like gamekeepers and tenant farmers would use guns - or criminals.

Me? I count in all five categories.

Maybe he doesn’t feel like clicking on a link that the post does not, in any way, indicate what we are expected to get from the link.

Nor do I.

According to the link, I’m an eclectic mix of all five tiers: aristocratic, good, student, plebeian, overgrown teenager. Hope this contributes to your poll. :o

According to this bullshit list I’m heavily in the aristocratic tier. It’s a lonely and confusing life being an aristocratic transit union member.

I shed a bitter tier for you all.

None of the above.

I guess that puts me in a non-class all by myself :slight_smile:

Exactly. Write what you mean, form a thought, and use it for the basis of an opinion. There are places on the internet for blind click bait (or if someone is desperate for money from hits). Facebook is just one example.

I won’t be clicking the link either.

I love how adding Roquefort to your olive oil/wine vinegar salad bumps you down a tier.

I like firing weapons while listening to Telemann, so my tier is indeterminate.

I like video games, super heroes, TV shows, jazz, (certain) drugs, fitness, science, politics, travelling, classical music, literature, cinema, art, and philosophy.

So obviously I’m schizophrenic.