How much of the Iraq War could that 3 million dollar study of bear's DNA pay for?

Time-wise that is.

Given the current cost of supporting the Iraq war, if we took the 3 million dollars devoted to supporting the war from thebear study (sorry bears) , how long would it support the war effort?

It says here that Iraq costs 343 million dollars a day. It looks like 3 million dollars would support the Iraq war for about fifteen minutes.

This page says we’re spending $14 million per hour in Iraq alone. So that $3 million would pay for about 13 minutes.

Happy spending!

There are 8,760 hours in a year. Divide that by 12 months, and you get 730 hours per month. If the war costs $10 billion per month (a figure I heard in the debates), that comes out to $13,698,630 per hour. Divide $3 million by that and multiply by 60 minutes and you get 12.89 minutes.

EDIT: Or what Mosier and WhyNot said. (I need to type faster.)

ABC News says the Iraq War costs $12 billion a month.

So about 11 minutes.

If this thread is any indication, in a little while it will only buy you 10 minutes. :smiley:

Well, you know. The dollar doesn’t go as far these days.

It’s only three data points though. When I got a new car in 1998 and kept track of fuel consuption I got a really nice straight line after three fill ups, but nevertheless my car failed to start producing gas after 7 more fuel stops.

Four data points, actually.

Am I a loon, or does 3 mil for a DNA study not seem like all that much? Seems like a reasonably good value to me. While the Iraq War taught us that the Bush admin are a bunch of misguided belligerent assholes, I could have saved us a few billion, not to mention thousands of lives, if they had simply asked me instead.


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Nah, just an inkling that “about” isn’t a very precise term. :wink: