How much oil *could* I make from human blood?

Living in Northern California, I’ve frequently seen “No Blood for Oil!” bumper stickers. Now, being a mad scientist at heart, this quite quickly reminded me of the process of thermal depolymerization, which can create synthetic oil out of waste products…even biomass, such as turkey offal.

That leaves me wondering…using such a process, how much synthetic oil could I get from the blood of an average human? Wikipedia gives the average blood volume of a human as “5 liters, of which 2.7-3 liters is plasma,” if that’s of any help.

After that, how much oil could I get from one full human? (Including blood, if it makes a difference?)

I reckon there wouldn’t be much oil in blood itself. If you’re looking for fuel, what you’d be after is the fat, brains, and guts. It’s what made America great (or something like that, I forget). Oh yeah… the skin too.

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I am not a chemist, and chances are I got some of this wrong, but here’s my best attempt, knowledgeable data/method corrections are more then welcome. :slight_smile:

Well according to wikipedia

So 40% cells plus 4% other equals 44% organic material

so lets low ball it and go with 1056 (any extra fuel is just bonus!) reduce it it too one liter from a thousand (m3 = cubic meters = 1000 liters).

so 1.056 kg for one liter of blood. One liter of water weighs one kilogram. So 100% - 44% organic stuff gives us 56%. However human blood has oceanic salt water levels I believe so…

So 1.035 per liter of of salt water. Now we need to figure out the 55% of 1.035 to get the mass of the nonorganic blood part and subtract it from the total mass to get our organic mass. Doing the math 1.056kg - 1.035kg * .55 = 0.48675kg of organic stuff per liter of blood.

from the Wiki site

Since I doubt there’s anything specifically on the net calculated for blood lets go with medical waste. (oil refers to crude oil and gas refers to gaseous things not gasoline) 0.48675 *.6 = 0.1421553375kg of oil from one liter of blood. Not gallons you say? Well it gets hard from there because I don’t know what the density of the out put hydrocarbons are but lets say it’s 90% efficient at converting hydrocarbons to gasoline (I have no way of knowing if it is, some one more knowledgeable please correct just continuing for shits n giggles)

So lets say convert it to liters (/1000) and go with a nice round mid value of 720 grams per liter for gasoline. 0.1421553375kg * 5 * .9 = 0.63969901875kg or rounded off in grams 640 grams. 0.63969901875kg / .720 = 0.888470859375 liters. So one human’s blood (with a 90% hydrocarbon to fuel conversion) should give you at around. .888 liters of gas or roughly 0.234 gallons of gas.

How inefficient! People talk about empires being built on blood, but they never stop to consider the practicalities of such.

Would it be simpler to use the brains, which I understand are 90% lipid?

Human blood is significantly more dilute than oceanic salt water. If blood were the same concentration as salt water, then you could safely drink salt water. The salt concentration in blood is ~9g/L*, which is far lower than your value of ~35g/L for salt water.