How much SDMB stuff would we have to buy to make SDMB profitable?

After reading in one of the threads that SDMB operates at a loss, I decided to check out the “Buy Stuff” link.

I think I’m going to get a couple of the books and maybe a coffee mug, but will it make that much difference? How many Dopers would have to buy a coffee mug to get SDMB operating in the black? Has anyone bought anything?

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I think it would be a simple matter of finding out how much the SDMB costs to run per month and the profit margin on various items for purchase. But I doubt that any of the staff would go public with the information.

IMHO Answer

A whole bunch of stuff.

Several hundred tons of books.

I bought a T-shirt and mug months ago, around the same time I finally de-lurked and registered. I wish the mug were larger, I might actually use it then, but I adore the feeling of smug superiority I get wearing the T-shirt. I’ve had lots of folks ask me what the illustration means, and then I wind up explaining and showing them the URL and inviting them to have a look. It’d be cool to somehow know if any of them had ever actually made it here and signed up.

Since the books come out so infrequently, maybe they could offer a new mug/mouse pad/sweatshirt/t-shirt design yearly. Generate more revenue if we all decided that having SD-wear was the coolest thing to show off at dopefests.

There is no SDMB merchandise, just SD merchandise. Which is what you’re talking about, so I’ll stop being pedantic.

AFAIK, they don’t have any way of tracking whether a purchaser of SD merchandise is registered here on the MB. And they’ve got no reason to attribute a portion of revenues from SD merchandise to the SDMB, or allocate a portion of the profits to the SDMB.

So buying an infinite quantity might not make the SDMB profitable, for all we know.

Why, Kim!

How cynical of you.

So that means that if an infinite number of posters bought an infinite amount of merchandise the hamster might run infinitely long on a wheel of infinite diameter.

Ouch. I think I just hurt my brain…

We could take an infinite number of dopers and put them before a computer keyboard for an infinte amount of time and we would still talk about pie, boobies and LoTR’s.
I’d like to see SDMB window decal that read SDMB: Fighting Ignorance since 1973 .

They had the internet in 1973?

Now see, there ya go again.

Sort of. It was originally manufactured out of cork and installed primarily in laundromats.