How much sex does Bruce Wayne have? Is he any good in bed?

I can just imagine the Frank Miller version carrying on an internal dialogue while in the middle of a sexual session:

They all think they have it made. Don’t need to work for it.
Let her come closer. Make it seem worse than it is.

From this working position there are seven responses. Two of them stun. Three pleasure with minimum effort. Two of them…KILL*

That’s hot.


I seem to recall that the first time it was made explicit that Bruce Wayne was having sex with a woman was with Silver St. Cloud in the early 1970s.


I was actually wondering this last night while watching The Dark Knight. And I came to many of the same conclusions: nope, neither Batman nor Bruce Wayne of the current incarnation get laid much. He’s too busy, mostly.

Did anyone else think that his kiss with Rachel was full of meh? I don’t think I’ve seen a Hollywood Kiss with less sparks since, well, ever.

WhyNot, I’d had the same thought. I don’t know if it was a purposeful choice or just a lack of chemistry between Bale and Gyllenhaal. I remember reading an article once where the author talked about how despite his “sexiness”, Christian Bale’s characters are never particularly sensual and probably have boring or nonexistent sex lives.

The author excluded Velvet Goldmine from the discussion for obvious reasons.

And here you go saying that Bale didn’t have an interesting sex-life in American Psycho :wink:

As for Bruce Wayne, I’d say he’s probably to busy most of the time. But I’d be damned if he didn’t get it on with the “prima ballerina” on the yacht?

Pre-Crisis, quite a bit.

Post Crisis, he’s nearly a monk.

I think it was written from the perspective of how much his partners were likely to enjoy the act. :wink:

Well, in that case you may be right.

But boring or nonexistant, hell no :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t you think that years of wearing a codpiece might have stunted Lil Bat Mite just a bit? I mean, remember what tighty whiteys were supposed to do to you, then multiply by N . I also have to imagine that every two bit hood has taken a shot at kicking Bat’s balls into his stomach as a last resort, or first, depending on how desperate they are.

Besides, i think the smell after a hard nights work dismantling criminal organizations might keep Lil Bats out of the cave, so to speak…

C’mon… guy wears black leather tights, a black leather mask, has a belt with ropes and handcuffs and drives around in a black convertable

Whaddya think he’s up to?

All the cliched “batman is gay” jokes aside, there’s no reason to assume he wouldn’t be great in bed. He’s in tremendous shape and has enormous control over his body. He doesn’t indulge in alcohol, tobacco, or other substances that might have a bad effect on his ability to get and maintain an erection. He seems to know an awful lot about anatomy, physiology, and psychology.
Whether the partner on whom he lavishes all that is male or female, I’d presume the Bat is a great lay. I never got a gay vibe from him in any of the commics I read or from the movies or the cartoons. The portrayals varied from clearly heterosexual to so-preoccupied-with-crime-he’s-virtually-asexual.

Yes, but would be be ready emotionally to have sex? To some extent he’s still the little kid who just saw Mommy and Daddy get killed and had to make the big monster to survive.

No, he’s a grown man, who’s still carrying the scars of that early wound. There’s a difference. It didn’t stunt his growth, it just directed it down a different path.

He’s had sex in the past - Silver St Cloud, Jezebel Jet and Talia al Ghul (albeit drugged in current continuity in that last case), can be confirmed - and probably will in the future.

Not terribly often, though - one thing all the ladies above have in common is…all three know who he is. Talia found out before they did the horizontal hokey pokey, Silver and Jez after the first time.

I just had to share with you’all this This YouTube clip of yet another Dark Avenger.:slight_smile:

These might be the signs of “No reason to believe he suffers from erectile dysfunction,” but they are almost irrelevant to the question of whether he’s good in bed.

I’d think you’d look more at his appetites – appetite for indulgence, appetite for abandoned pleasure, appetite for sensual contact with another person. I don’t see signs of any of that. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology is hardly helpful if you have no interest, taste, or patience for using that knowledge. And if you do have such, you don’t have to have scientific-level expertise in manipulating another person’s body.

Sex is a matter of technique, as much as anything. Bruce Wayne is a proven master of a good many physical techniques. There is no reason to suspect he isn’t good at something as simple as sex.

Yeah, but good sex givers are, by all accounts, people who care about pleasing their partner. If he’s just doing it to keep up looks, I could see him–in general–not putting a lot of effort into the whole bit. Lying on his back and letting the woman do all the work while he contemplates things might be his default style. This also gives a nice partial boob shot from the back in comic book panels and movies, so it’s got a decent likelihood on that front as well.

I don’t see how Bruce Wayne could maintain his reputation as a playboy if his dates didn’t give him favorable reviews. Yes, women gossip, and if every woman who spent time with Bruce reported that he “chickened out”, it would get around.

I completely disagree. We’re not talking a skill that has to be mastered over a period of years. Whatever technique there is can be picked up by anyone, in a short time, provided he or she has the requisite interest and appetite for sex and has an interest in the other person (or at least that other person’s body). That’s what makes a good lover. Not specialized technique or exceptional fitness.

Sex is not pushing the right buttons in the right order. There is every reason to suspect that he’s not interested in intimacy or in sensual pleasure, either his own or his hypothetical partner’s. Thus, there is every reason to suspect he’s no good in bed.