How much sex does Bruce Wayne have? Is he any good in bed?

He raised Dick and eventually adopted him.

And by raise, of couse, I mean “employed Alfred to do all the paternal heavy lifting while alternately neglecting and abusing Dick.”

He never actually adopted Dick - a big deal was made of that when he adopted Tim.

I guess it’s hard for me to see Batman/Robin as a father/son thing. Because one, that makes it even creepier than it already is, and two, because thinking of it as father/son makes it seem kind of abusive–most dads would, I’d assume, not want their kids being the Boy Wonder.

Shrug You’re a racecar driver. Your kid wants to be a racecar driver. Why not take him to see NASCAR? Ok, so what if you’re a cop?

And the whole Tower of Bable thing was weird anyway. It was almost paradoxical. There has to be a failsafe plan to take you down, it’s just common sense. You can’t trust a stranger to invent a way to kill you, because you can’t trust them. But you can’t have a friend make it since it would be useless; you’d know about it. But then you wouldn’t trust them. And if they do it without telling you, you’d demand the plans be destroyed, because you can’t trust them, and then what happens when you go rogue?Sigh. Sorry, couldn’t stop thinking about it…

Well, yeah, but I feel like telling your kid about being a cop and making taking him into the police station are different than taking your kid out IN a Nascar race or on a police chase. Plus, when you’re a vigilante…

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?