How much should I offer for this Ford Explorer?

I previously had a Ford Explorer but sold it and I am now looking for another one. I came across one that I like but too bad I can’t say the same about the price.:rolleyes:

I like Explorers because I feel comfortable driving them and for the most part they are overall good vehicle(my opinion) but Ford Explorers are known to have problems with their transfer case and transmission. I had to replace the transfer case and the transmission before selling my previous one. I am hoping to use the as a bargain as well.

Its a 2005 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V8 pretty much the standard features excluding the DVD entertainment set. There is currently 81,000 on the vehicle. And the dealer has it priced at $14,300 which I think is a bit high.

When I contacted them about the vehicle, the guy responded saying that the vehicle on going to an auction the next day. Now I am not sure if he did that thinking I would rush in or if the vehicle was really going to the auction. I responded by telling him it is alright and I will look for another vehicle. Than 1 day or so later he emailed me back saying the vehicle is still there.

I thinking more in the range of $11,000 out the door price for this vehicle. I am thinking about purchasing an extended warranty from ford which will run me another $1,000 or so because repairs can get costly with explorers especially going towards the 100,000 miles mark and the warranty are known to pay for themselves. I am not spending more than $11,000 for the vehicle. Is my offer too low or still too high?

Thanks everyone:)

check for the value

Offer him $11,000. The worse thing that can happen is they reject your offer and you go look elsewhere.

They don’t put you on a list of cheapskate customers that they circulate around with your picture to every dealership in town and publish on the internet.

Retail value for that vehicle in my area is $16800. Go the and enter all the parameters of the vehicle, and your zip code. Trade in value and private party value are irrelevant to your situation as you aren’t trading it in and you aren’t buying from a private party. You need to look at retail value. This is a good indicator of what these vehicles are fetching in your area.

I can’t say for sure that your offer would be ridiculous, but it would be in my area and if you were trying to buy this particular vehicle from one of the dealers I work for. Also and extended warranty backed by Ford (that will cover anything) on a 4x4 with more than 80000 miles on it will run you way more than a grand.

A more realistic offer would be offering to pay the dealers asking price out the door with a 2 year/24K mile bumper to bumper warranty included. If you can get that or a powertrain warranty, I think you will have made a good deal

Again, I don’t know what retail is in your neck of the woods, I’m basing my advice on the information I can gather without your zip code.