How much Tuna can an adult male eat safely

I have recently discovered that I can get the kids pack at Subway w/a cookie and milk for a very reasonable price. My choice has been the tuna sandwich, which had my mind going over previous discussions about mercury in fish.

I see that, depending on the source, expectant mothers are to limit themselves to 3-6 oz per week.

Seeing how I can’t possibly imagine getting pregnant due to my manliness, what kind of guidelines should I be looking at?

As far as I know, males need not worry about mercury in tuna. Cecil writes the following on the subject:

Not a word about men.

I wonder about cats. Any guidelines there?

You should eat no more than 6-12 ounces of housecat per week.

A cite from the FDA

Keep in mind, the whiter the meat in albacore tuna, the higher the level of mercury. (Not that I’ll even consider eating the canned dark or light tuna - mainly due to the fact it tastes like the aforementioned cat food).