how much water is drinkable?

During a pub quiz recently the question was

what percentage of the water on this planet is drinkable?

so anyway, the swines never gave any answers out so does anybody know the answer?

I’d guess that they mean what percentage of the water is freshwater, but they could also have meant that the polar icecaps would be drinkable if melted, although they could also have meant 100% of the water is drinkable using the correct membrane technology.

So does anybody, offhand, know?


I hate vague questions like that. You should have made yourself a super-brain and said:

Do you include frozen water?

How about sea-water that can be processed to be drank?

Lake water?

Is this including lakewater that is considered polluted?

Then make up some answer, like say 15% or whatever at least appears to fit. If they disagree, ask for a cite.

Hell, you might get start to ask the questions after that.