How much will this free TV cost me to ship?

My mom lives down in Arizona and is getting rid of her TV. She’s offered it up to me if I can get it. The trick is, the thing is MASSIVE. I thought of driving my Prius down to pick it up and driving it back to Minnesota, but I don’t think it would come close to fitting. I could rent a van, but after those costs and gas, it might be better to ship it freight or with a moving company.

What’s the best and cheapest way to get it up here?

However it’s shipped make sure to have additional insurance on it.

Add the item to the shopping cart and fill out your zip code on New Egg. It will give the rates from New Jersey to your place. You can see what shipping options they have available, so you can look into those shippers rates applicable for her house to yours.

Here is the UPS website.

I called it freight and calculated shipping 200 pounds from Phoenix to Minneapolis. It came out to about $750 (including inside pickup and inside delivery).

However, it insisted I fill out a field called freight “class”. No idea what that means, nor could I find an explanation. So I used the number 200, the same as my weight guestimate for the TV and package. For all I know, I guessed wrong, and the correct number could be double that or half that. :frowning:

The freight class has nothing to do with weight. It’s a code that identifies the type of item being shipped. For example, most food is class 60. Coincidentally, class 200 is one of the codes used for TVs. 125 and 250 are the others that I can recall. I think a plasma TV would be class 250.

I talked with our shipping guy and he quoted me the following from 85001 (Phoenix) to 55401 (Minneapolis):

Vitran: $326
Roadway Express: $406
UPS Freight: $515
Fedex Freight: $579

This is residential to residential (curb to curb), assuming that you have the original shipping box.

I was pretty sure it wasn’t weight-related, but I couldn’t find any chart to give meaning to the numbers, so I was guessing blind.

And I suggest stpauler add at least “indoor pickup” unless he wants mom wrestling it to the truck.

Try asking for a bid on uShip. There’s a good chance someone is already going between the two cities and could add this in for a nominal cost. I would spend some effort to get packing materials. A good shipper may take the TV as is and wrap it in many blankets.

Asking for home pick up and home delivery will be the most expensive way you can go. It can cost you as much to send one item as it does to send multiple pallets of the item.

No way will a 60" plasma fit into a car. A panel of that size MUST remain vertical or the glass will be almost guaranteed to snap under its own weight.

Truck freight is a bit inconvenient - your mother will need to coordinate having the thing crated, and there will be a ton of surcharges for in-house pickup, no dock, no forklift, not on a pallet, and so on. Similar charges will be incurred at your end as well.

Have you tried a household moving service? These folks are no strangers to moving bulky and fragile things, and should cheerfully come armed with blankets and bubble wrap to coccoon the TV. As a single piece, expect it to take a while for it to make its way north on a space-available basis.

I’d invest in a couple of these things so you’ll know if it’s been laid over anywhere along the way. Look around for a shipping supplies dealer who sells to the public - you probably won’t find these at the UPS Store or Kinkos.

Seconding this suggestion; if somebody bids on your item, you stand to save a substantial percentage of a commercial* shipper.

*How would one describe FedEx, UPS, etc.? “Chain” doesn’t seem to fit the bill. Nation-wide? But other shipping companies ship nation wide but aren’t as widespread.