How much would I get if I pawned a malachite necklace?

Just curious.

Depends on a lot of different factors.

Malachite is not a terribly expensive stone, and there’s degrees of quality. Size matters, too. Is the necklace gold, or silver, and does it have any marks? In a pawn shop, you’re going to get a LOT less than the actual value of any item whatever the case.

Is eBay an option for you? If not, and you only have that one thing to sell, I’ll be happy to list it for you.

I thank you for the eBay offer, but I don’t want to sell it outright. Pawning would leave open the possibility of getting it back at some time. And I may not even do that; I just want to know if it’s worth it to try.

It doesn’t have any gold or silver. It consists of small round, square and rectangular pieces of malachite strung on a wire, separated by small gold-colored metal beads. In the center of this is an arrangement of narrow bars, ranging from a quarter of an inch on the outer edges to an inch and a half in the center. Like this:


except aligned at the top, of course. It has one flaw, but I’m not sure how crucial it would be to a pawnbroker.

Ballpark estimate, anyone?

WinkieHubby, former pawn shop manager, says -
“I’d have to see it to make a good estimate, but probably not much. $5 or $10, max, if they’ll take it at all. A lot of pawn shop managers may not even know what malachite is.”
If you can link to a picture and / or don’t mind posting what you paid for it, he can give you a better idea.

Each pawn shop has its own rules, so don’t take that amount as gospel. In general, though, they’re going to want to give you 1/3 or less of what they think they can sell it for, in case you default on the pawn. Gold and diamonds have scrap value - malachite, not so much. He suggests seeking out a pawn shop that specializes in jewelry, where you’re more likely to get a little more money for it.

The style you describe is called a “fan” necklace. Does it look something like this?

fan necklace

I will tell you that, as a jewelry maker, the individual pieces in the necklace shown can be purchased for less than $5 total from a company called Rings & Things, and if this seller gets a single bid, I’d be extremely surprised. Sorry to disappoint you.

All right; thank you.

You can purchase the fan part (13 pieces) from Fire Mountain Gems for $10.97 and a package of 10 malachite beads for up to $9.91, depending on the size. I didn’t look up the gold-tone spacer beads but they’re pretty cheap. So yeah, you’re not going to get much at the pawn shop for the necklace.

:frowning: Well, I didn’t really want to give it up anyway.

I feel your pain.