How much would paving 1/4 mile of road cost?

Suppose I win the lottery, how much would it cost to have a quarter-mile long road repaved? The state techically owns it, but they don’t plow the snow on it, much less ever repave it. It’s in rather poor shape, with lots of ruts, humps, big rocks working their way through the surface, and missing pavement, probably because it’s been untouched for 15 or 20 years; the floods in 2005, 2006, and 2007 have added significantly to the damage as well. (when a neighbor complained about the state of it he was told we should consider ourselves “fortunate” we’re gratiously given access. It doesn’t seem like they’d object to us ponying up for the costs, though) Any idea what sort of ballpark figure this would run to? Thousands, or lots and lots of thousands?

The publisher’s clearing house says someone with the first letter of my last name is gonna win in my town, so I should be prepared :wink:

For a 1/4 mile stretch lots and lots of thousands.
Basic residential driveways for tearout of the old, laying a new base, and paving with asphalt can run $3K-$10K.

I was a paving estimator and sales man for 16 years. I have done lots of really long driveways. In paving the biggest cost is often the base. If you have a good base you are laughing. It sounds like you must have a fairly decent base if you don’t have mud coming up through it. You need a smooth surface to pave so you need to add about 2 inches of gravel to the entire area. That should take about 100 tons or about 3 triaxles of stone. Delivered laid, graded and compacted at $20 per ton is $2000. Next you need to establish how much asphalt you need. I always recommend the spec for a country lane be a light commercial spec. You need this if you ever have any heavy trucks on the pavement. Water trucks, fuel trucks etc. Just one truck on light duty pavement can wreck it. your average country drive is 12 ft. wide so that would give you about 16000 sq. ft. of paving. 2in of base coat plus 1.5in of top coat should cost around about $1.50 a sq. Your pavement would be $24000 plus $2000 total of $26000.