How much would this type of computer cost?

I’m doing an e-commerce course this year, away from home, and I need a computer.

Seeing as I’m not exactly in the money, I’ll have to get a cheapy, so how much would a…

Pentium 166 Mhz or thereabouts
16 Meg RAM
SVGA Monitor
At least 800 Meg HDD
3.5 " Floppy
Printer would be nice, but not essential.
No software required.

How much would I be looking at? Second hand?

If you don’t count the time trying to hunt down the old processor.

I recommend calling up a few large businesses who may have old crap their tech guys would throw away.

Personally, check out they’ve got some cheap systems that are better that you describe for about $300.

I found one like that recently in the trash behind the apartment building. It ran OK, so I saved the hard disk and threw away the rest. The hard disk I can swap to some friend for a six-pack.

Box 65-95 as described

Used 14/15 monitor 40-85 depending on condition

Hope you aren’t planning to run WIn 98 or Millenium on that machine with 16 megs RAM.

I know you are trying to save $$ but if e-commerce is what you are studying you will probably want to run a current version of MS Internet Explorer which your specd machine will not do with ease. If you kick your price up to 300-400 you can get a quite nice machine.

Seeing that your not exactly in the money, I would suggest Student aid, or maybe the course your attending will lend you a computer, or…Ebay! A 400mhz Celeron with 64mb and a 6 gig, will do you just fine for around $300 maybe less. Windows ME and 2000 run great on that setup.

Pawn Shops are gold mines for good used computer parts (and bad used computer parts; gotta be a little careful). Especially for the “basics” such as the floppy and CD drives. The thing that can often cost the most is the monitor. Getting a smaller / older-style monitor can save you big bucks. I’d sell you my 13-inch monitor for a pittance (heck, I’d probably give it away), but it’s not SVGA.

One place I’ve had very good experiences with is Computer Geeks. They tend to deal more in used and refurbished parts, but I’ve never had any problems with them, and they often have very good deals.

      • By sheer concidence, I am posting on an ancient Cyrix 586/120Mhz-16Meg ram/1 Gig machine just now.
        (I fired it up because I was curious as to if it had a hardware modem for Linux use. It does, but I still have some other checking to do before I can take the modem out and stick it in my new(er) system)
  • Just looking, there’s lots of things I see that you can’t do on such a puny machine. It can’t run many current versions of common software- you’d have to find older versions of software to load on it (I am using Netscape 3), and older hardware to “add” to it. (This setup has no sound card, and has a “generic” video card from seven or eight years ago) And it has a version of 95 that requires you to re-insert the CD to add or remove programs or hardware, and I don’t have any 95 CD (this computer was bought used, with 95 already on it.) I understand that dinosaurs like this will run Linux fairly well, except that, um, I -uh, haven’t figured out all that much that, um, Linux is good for. (Ahem) (coff)-
  • But if I did, it could do it.
    —In the US, there are computer stores that specialize somewhat in old, outdated systems, and they don’t cost much. You can get something internet-capable for less than $150 or so. It’s not good for much beyond that, though. Nowadays, $400 can get you a brand-new [generic] 400Mhz/64 Meg RAM/10Gig machine with a 1-year warranty. I have been broke before, so I know that $400 is no minor amount of cash to many people, but considering that this ancient thing would probably have problems running Flash pages, How much money are you really saving? - MC
      • Further Experiences with the Wayback Machine:
  • Netscape 3 doesn’t have a “copy” function on it’s right-click menu; IE3 does. I’m occasionally seeing lilttle things like this that are missing here but present in the current-version software I’m used to.
  • Neither browser seems to be permanently storing passwords, but I am not sure if it’s an option in there somewhere or not.
  • If you’re too young to know what made Netscape3 popular, it was IE3. Netscape3 loads pages in half the time of IE3, and with less flashing on and off. Sometimes IE3 takes several times as long to load a page as Netscape3 does.
  • For some strange reason, IE3 is showing all the text in the posts as red. Rather a fresh change I think, but not what it’s supposed to be.
  • I get “script errors” for almost every page that uses any Java, and usually no Java-effects or explanations at all.
    — Just giving ideas of what you’re getting into, playing with antiques. - MC
      • I should perhaps clarify one important point in the last post: Windows 95 doesn’t install all the do-it-all code that Win 98 and 2000 does, so you will need a Win95 CD to install and remove most software and hardware, -and fix the occasional error. Old computers are cheap and easy to find. Old software isn’t, and this is one piece you will need to have, sooner or later. Now CD’s can be easily copied, so it’s not the problem it once was, but do keep it in mind. - MC

in the tigerdirect cataloge they have
15" monitor,P133, 32 ram, 1gb HDD, 4x cdrom, 56k fax/modem, headsetµphone, speakers, win 95, for $299 w/ a $50 rebate (looks like a plain rebate, not one of those sign you life away for 3 years rebate) factor recert.
also other ‘deals’

p166, 2gb HDD, everything else the same 499.99 after rebate

p 266, 17 monitor everything same as 499

also you can get a notebook, for $299 (p75), 399 (p120), 499 (p166)
you can try

also try ebay, but use the above as a pricing guidelines

“Pentium 166 Mhz or thereabouts
16 Meg RAM
SVGA Monitor
At least 800 Meg HDD”

Usually charge about $50 for that in our thrift shops…

With a color SVGA monitor Handy?

Yes, astro, plus with printer too. Usually they aren’t that fast. Some of our PS/2s are almost as fast as that. Right now we have one for $50 with printer & monitor & books, etc, thats been sitting in the store for two weeks. Im planning on taking it out tuesday though. A lot of times the boss gives them away too, so do I, because no one buys them.