How much would you pay for an automatic cat washer?


Inventor Andres Diaz late last year made his first US sale of his automatic side- loading cat washer.
The 3 cycle, 37 nozzle machine processes the cat in 30 minutes and he swears the cat doesn’t mind it.

I’d prefer a top loading machine that you could drop the cat into, slam the lid and hide in a closet until the thing cycles to a stop, but I guess this guy has it worked out.

I also have a suspicion that the reason he can swear the cat doesn’t mind is because he has the caterwauling closed off with industrial soundproofing.

But on the up-side, it’s only $20,000. What do you think?

I already have an automatic cat washer… it’s called “my cat.”

Seriously, cats do such a good job keeping themselves clean that I can’t see why you’d go to all the trouble of washing them, unless they got into something really horrible.

As support staff for the three cats that live in my home, I can only second FisherQueen.

If he could only scale it up to handle dogs, the potential market for such devices would increase considerably.

You mean you have to WASH them???

We have to wash our cats about twice a year because my mom has low-level allergies.

I wouldn’t pay much for the machine, because I know our big badass black cat would completely destroy it within 15 minutes.

Two of my three cats need regular baths. Caliban is a bit of a hunchback, and her spine is stiff enough that she can’t reach her whole back to lick it all clean. She’s almost gotten used to the baths, though she wails to let our neighbours know how terribly mean to her we are.

Tybalt, on the other hand, can’t lick his whole back because he’s a 24-pound fatass. He’s got dandruff, but we don’t bathe him anymore because he’s got serious muscles under all that fat. The last time we bathed him my mother ended up going to the emergency room because he wedged a claw in her finger-joint. No joke. :eek:

I would love to have an automatic cat-washer for Tyb. It’d make my allergies a lot easier to deal with.

My two cats can’t seem to clean themselves. They lick, but never really seem to get very clean. So I do try to wash them a few times a year. One handles it really well. I can get hime to jump in the shower with me. The other one puts up a fight. She’s the entire reason I hate to bathe them and put it off as long as possible.

$20,000 seems a bit steep. Once it gets down to under $1,000 I’ll bite. Until then I’m just going to try to find a place that will bathe them for me.

My cats get sponge baths occasionally. Mostly Misty, because of all that fur, she often has to get her butt washed.

Usually about 2 pints of blood.

Well if there were such a thing as quality control nowadays, I wouldn’t have to get a washer for my automatic cat. And if the washer is missing or lost, then customer service should send one out free of charge!

How much would I pay? Are we talking about a flat washer, or a lock washer?

Johnny L.A.:

Hmm, I hadn’t looked at it that way, but that’s just the sort of silliness I expected to generate.


And 1/2 gallon of blood for Tinkertoy.

I already have a top loading cat washer and I bet y’all do to. It’s so simple to operate. Lift the front lid and place kitty in the porcelain washing compartment. Close the front lid. Lift the rear lid and pour a cup of your favorite soap into the reservoir. Replace lid. Push lever once to activate wash cycle. After an appropriate period of thrashing around press lever again for rinse. Caution, not to be used on small kittens (you’ve heard the phrase “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water”). When the rinse is finished, open the lid and get back quickly. One angry cat will probably go medeival on your butt.

Now for the lawyer words: The previous was meant to be taken tongue in cheek. I don’t really mean for you to do it and if you do do it and you’re not satisfied with the results or you cause your cat to come to a tragic soggy end or you plug up your commode beyond your ability to open the drain with a common plumbers helper and have to call on the roto rooter guys who come out with an electric snake and then you have to explain to them what the gross mess is that they’re augering out and how it got there…don’t blame me!!

I once put my cat in the shower to wash him and he left claw marks on the back of my legs as he climbed up to my shoulders, only to leave bloody claw marks there.

Needless to say, I let him clean himself from then on.

Quick, someone invent one of those wire frame hat-washer thingamabobs for cats! How convenient would that be? The cat won’t be able to move around cuz of the wire frame thing around him… all he could do is just whine. =)

Wash… a cat? :: snickers a bit ::

Heh, good one.

Wait… you were serious? :eek:

I can’t decide whom I fell sorrier for. The cat or the person washing it.

My cat (Caesar, a.k.a. Butters) is fairly good at keeping himself clean, although he’s damn noisy about it. I’d considered, however, giving him a bath after he earned his alternative moniker… having just finished some left over sea food for dinner (yes, I’ll re-heat almost anything,) I was cleaning up and had placed a dish of melted butter on the counter, just prior to washing it out. Good ol’ Caesar decides to see what daddy’s doing up on the counter top so leaps up there. BAM!!! Melted butter, all over the counter. Melted butter, all over the cat. Melted butter, all over daddy’s quickly expanding rage.

Luckily, he ultimately got himself cleaned up pretty well, although he did smell like sauteed kitty litter for a while.