How nutritional are Goji Berries?

A google search of “Goji berries” shows many many sites expounding the virtues of Goji berries, and also selling them.

I have a package right here that my girlfriend bought for me, and it says:
7g of Goji berries has: 170% of my daily recommended vitamin A, and doesn’t list any other nutrients it has more than 20% of. The package also claims that they are “Virtually unknown to the West, … rich in anti-aging agents, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.”

So what’s the straight dope? Are these things really special and extremely good for me, or are they basically just the Tibetan equivalent of dried cranberries?

Well, I guess I’ve established one thing, which is that they are virtually unknown in the West!

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Lycium barbarum L. matrimony vine

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Any tonic or supplement whose claim to fame rests almost entirely on testimonials should be regarded with a high level of skepticism.

I can tell you they’re yummy! I like them for snacking straight or in trail mix. They’re cheap in bulk and they do have a shit-load of antioxidants. Are they going to revolutionize the Western diet? No. But they’re a good alternative to icky raisins.

Aaaah. Okay, after looking at the picture on Wiki, I know what they are. Good in soups. Old chinese people say they’re good for eyesight and just about whatever else ails you, but hey, that soup might need a bit of salt.