How obsessive were you?

I’m in the midst of possibly the most obsessive thing I’ve ever done to get a guy’s attention. And he’s my best friend, so it seems really bizarre. He went out of town for the weekend, and sent me an email before he left, telling me to send him lots of emails while he was gone, so he’d have stuff to read when he came back. Course, he also sent the email to several of his other friends. So to stand out, I’m sending him a bazillion emails while he’s gone. he hasn’t even been gone an entire day, and i’m up to 9. They’re all titled too…“Day 1, Email 2”, etc. By the time he comes back on Tuesday, I’m predicting he’ll have at least 65 emails from me waiting in his mailbox. So either he’s flattered, amused, or scared…hehe, we shall see.

So, what’s the most obsessive thing you’ve done to get someone’s attention?

I married her. :smiley:

Sixteen years ago:
I broke into her car (yep, bent wire hanger and all) at her place of work and left her favorite candy on the driver’s seat. Then I sat on the hood of my car two blocks away (clear line-of-sight to her car) and waited an hour until she left work and discovered the candy.

Hell, I feel like reporting myself to the police just in reading what I’m typing. What a #%^& perv.

I think you oughta post his email address here…

I once (long ago, when I was young and idiotic) actually spent two days trying to look up this one-night-stand’s address in the phone book because I never got his name. Then called him out of the blue and asked him if he was going out to the bar again soon. Then drove past his house a couple of times to see if he was home.

Now that I think about it, I’m surprised I was never reported to the police!

Of course, he was my first actual lay-down-and-stay-the-night sex partner, so I was somewhat justified (at 19) in being a dork.

Doesn’t mean I don’t cringe when I think about it, though…

jayjay (lucky to not be in jail)

Hmm… anybody who’s been to my webpage would know that I draw. Well, back in High School (a scant two years ago!), I was quite obsessed with one girl in particular. To “woo” her (I was new to the whole “Let’s fall in love!” game), I drew pictures of her, for her. Example: For her birthday, I gave her a little envelope with nine odd little pictures, ranging from her riding on a dolphin to her looking badass in a leather jacket. I’m not sure exactly how many pics I drew, but I KNOW it was more than fifty.

Many months later, I found out that she only kept three of them and threw the rest away.

Now I look back, pound my damn fool head against the wall, and exclaim “What was I thinking?!?”

I’d integrated myself into a girls relationship by becoming her boyfriends friend, and proceeded to drive a wedge between them, conveniently providing the comfort she needed through the ensuing break up.

To say I was obsessed was an understatement, I’d walk two miles to find out if she was hanging out at someones house, and if she wasn’t, I’d walk everywhere I thought she might be until I found her.

I found out at one point that between the time she broke up with her old boyfriend, and the time I finally got her attention enough to date me, she’d had a one night stand with this guy that I knew several people had strong feelings against. I arranged a confrontation between these people and this guy. Nothing came of it, but there was never a repeat performance between the two of them so I felt better about it.

We ended up dating for about 6 months before she dumped me to go back to her original boyfriend. Serves me right I suppose. I learned alot about jealousy and proper behavior and how not to treat a person through that experience.

Still have a bit of that conniver in me, but I’m much more mellow now.

I gave up eating meat for a guy once, and dyed my hair blonde for the same guy.

I had to dump him when the desire to retrieve my own raven tresses and and chow on a bloody steak overcame me.

(Okay, okay, we dumped each other, actually. I don’t know why in the heck we wanted to date each other in the first place, frankly. We had almost nothing in common and even the sex wasn’t that great.)

I obviously needed more hobbies…

I cut my hair for a woman once. She was hot, she was one of Swarzenegger’s old girlfriends.

I can be pretty focused at times. When I was dating my wife many years ago, I once spent maybe 16-20 hours straight making and writing a hard-cover book for her that was 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch square called “99 things Bill Likes About Monique”.

I was once so obsessed with a guy, I let him move into my place when he lost his apartment.

Him and his girlfriend.

Well it made sense at the time.