how odd

So, I stopped in at a friends house on my way home this evening.
** christmas spoiler ahead**

They Ban the 10 year old from a room so he does not see his gifts from “Santa.” Yet, after they open their one Christmas eve gift the teenage daughter do a hooptie dance lip syncing to a song Blaring out for the word to hear about the wonders of Receiving Oral sex (from a male’s perspective).[*1]

I am not sure what to think. They nurture the child's innocence by encouraging his false beliefs in Santa. Then let him watch his sisters dance it up and sing about the joys of Oral sex (from a male's perspective).[*2]

I am not sure what to think of the situation. Should I shake my head and laugh? Should I cry, be morally enraged?[*3] Should I just grab that bottle of whiskey and shotgun? Should I stop thinking so much about what I should think? Should I quit the eggnog now?

All in all, in their defense, The lyrics used the word Ding-dong to describe the penis. Which happened to be one of the first Nicknames we all learn to call the penis.[*4]

Lets hope the boy has lived a VERY sheltered life or is dumber than a new sock.[*5]
[*1][sub] Yes, I know women enjoy and have a perspective about oral sex. But damn it, that is not what the rapper was singing about.[/sub]

[*2][sub]see above[/sub]

[*3][sub] whine But its christmas whine[*6][/sub]

[*4][sub] It actually ranks third only behind pee pee and wee wee.[*7][/sub]

[*5}[sub] News socks are dumber than old socks. Old socks gain a half IQ point for “life experiences”.Because they have been around the block at least once or twice.[/sub]

[*6] [sub] gasp Your never supposed to be mad or enraged at christmas.[/sub]

[*7[sub]]For those of you keeping score at home. Ding a ling was close, as the fourth. While, Willie rounds out the first five nicknames for a penis.[/sub]

[sub] All facts and statistics are derived from my ability to make things up for my amusement. They are no means to be taken as gospel. For I am the false prophet of truth, the devils advocate, the anti-cecil.[/sub]

Very odd.

I was astonished to discover that some of my neighbors’ kids, who are about 10, still believe in Santa. IIRC, that sort of thing vanished when I and my friends were all about 6 or 7. By 10, I had decided, despite having been sent to Sunday school, that religion was mostly nonsense, and never went back.

Our society, it would appear, seems to want to prolong childhood as long as possible in some respects, but obliterate innocence as early as possible in others, as Osip’s experience would indicate. Very strange, indeed.

I vote for the whiskey.

That is quite odd.

How old is the teenage daughter? Are we talking more like 13 or more like 18? World of difference there.

Now I knew people in Alabama were strange, but this is one of the strangest things I’ve ever heard.

My 11-year-old daughter still believes in Santa. A few years ago, she started asking questions about him, and I told him that if she still believes in him, then that makes him still real for her. She has chosen to continue believing. She still plays with Barbie dolls, too, and certain clothing that I’ve liked for her she’s dismissed as being “too revealing”. She’s very bright, possibly brilliant (I’m not just bragging. I think she’s maybe really brilliant). She’s not in any hurry to grow up, and I’m not in any hurry to make her grow up. If the scene described in the OP had occurred in our house, with our 15-yr-old dancing around and lip-syncing to such a song, the 11-yr-old would have asked her to stop! (Really, it wouldn’t have come to that, cuz I wouldn’t have allowed it in the first place).

So what WAS the song in question, so we can all judge?

I have no idea who the rapper was… not my kind of Music Zoggie. I am sure there is someone out there in doper land who might have an idea and can shed us a bit of light. Ido recall the nice discription of putting 3 girls on their knees so they can all suck his… well you fill in the blank.

Daow They were 16, 17 and 15.

Yes, you certainly are odd.