How often do you change towels?

I just changed towels this morning and the fresh one felt noticeably cleaner as I dried myself off with it. I tend to change towels roughly once or twice a week, and I’m wondering if there’s some kind of accepted standard practice (like changing underwear daily).

How often do you change your towel?

I use 2 towels - one for my hair, one for my body. The hair towel gets changed every couple of days. The body towel gets changed every day.

Bath towels, usually once a week (they’re kept on a heated towel rail so they dry off quickly and don’t sit going damp and icky). Hand towels, every two or three days.

Once a week. They’re used when we’re clean, so unless I’m expecting guests, a week is a-ok.

This is one of the subjects where I’m a bit torn. I like clean fresh towels, but re-washing them often is a grotesque waste of water, energy and detergent. There’s no need to wash towels or clothes as often as we usually do (underwear excepted).

In the end, I’m lazy and forgetful, so I change them when it really occurs to me that the time has come (lucky for the environment, less lucky for those who have to use them).

Typically once every three days.

Depends on the weather. If it’s damp and rainy and the towel doesn’t get a chance to dry out completely between showers, as soon as I feel not comfortable with it (every couple of days). If it’s nice (or the heat is on and dries it out), four or five days. No hard and fast rules.

I never realised other people did them so infrequently! I might have to rethink my schedule…

Once every few days - as Kalhoun notes - I’m clean when I wipe myself with them so it’s not as if they become instantly disgusting after a single use.

In some hotels where I’ve stayed, they have a little sign saying that if you’re staying several nights and would like fresh towels, just leave the used ones on the floor or in the bathtub, if you’re happy to use the same towels again later, please hang them up on the rail (they are of course always changed between guests)

Once a week.

Once a week. And I also use two towels, one for hair, and one for body.

Every week and a half or so (about how often I do laundry). I do sometimes change the hand towel more often, often change washcloths more often, and in weather like this–horribly humid–will change towels when they start smelling not so fresh, even if the whole week is not up.

Once a week, I change the two bath towels I use to dry off after the shower.

Every day, but only because I am really sensitive to mildew and even if I hang a towel to dry there is a good chance I will get hives from it.

Every day, because I’m not drying my butt with something on Monday, and using it on my face on Tuesday, even if my body is clean.

Usually around once a week, or if I can detect any sense of mildew.

Me, too.

Rarely, because if you think about it, if the towel only touches you when you are squeaky clean, it should never get dirty.

But you wash your butt, don’t you?

Sure the butt gets washed, but surgeons scrub their hands and they still wear gloves, right?

Bath towels are single use here, hand towels get changed every other day or so.