How often do you think about food?

Im just wondering what the average amount is. Do you think about your next meal allll day, or just pre and post eating?

I suck at food organising, so it’s usually “I fancy x – Where do I find x? - Hey, this x tastes great! – Hope that x doesn’t disagree with me …”

Life for me really doesn’t revolve solely around x. :slight_smile:

Having somewhat disordered eating habits, food dominates my thoughts 24/7 except when I am thinking about how fat I am. :confused:

I think about it quite a bit on Saturdays as I am menu planning and shopping for the week, but thinking about it doesn’t necessarily mean eating any.

I don’t skip meals because I’ve found that a good way to bring on the migraine. Breakfast and lunch are pretty much thought-free, but I like to cook, so I think about dinner early in the day and for about half an hour beforehand.

We don’t keep much food on hand for snacking, and what we have is likely to either require preparation or be healthy, so no one eats it. :slight_smile: If I could open a bag and start gobbling, there are times I definitely would. But since I have to fix it…nah, I think I’ll go do something else.

This week all the time. Tomorrow I can buy some. I won’t think of it all the time then.

Well, I’m a caterer, so pretty much all the time. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

But for me personally, um, hard to say because I’m usually at work with food to eat if I’m hungry. If I’m not at work then mostly just when I’m hungry because I don’t tend to want to cook if I’m not here.

Eh. Not at all, really, except when I’m actively hungry. And when I have the nightly conversation with my husband:

“What do you want for dinner?”
“I don’t know. What do you want?”
“I don’t know.”
“What did you have for lunch?”
“A sub.”
“I don’t care - you pick.”
“Why do I always have to pick?”
“You don’t always have to pick. Besides, you always say that you don’t care, then you say no to what I pick.”
“Go ahead and pick. I don’t care.”
“Fine. How about Chinese?”
“Ick. No.”
“Subs? No, wait, you said you had that for lunch.”
“Chili’s? Ruby Tuesday?”
“No, I’m not really feeling it.”
“Do we have anything to actually eat in the house?”
“I have cereal. I don’t know if you have anything.”
“I’m not sure. I think I’m out of perogies.”

Actually, the easier way to answer to this question is to flip it over to “how often do I NOT think about food?”… which is probably less than 30 minutes of my awake time on any given day.

Eating is my favourite hobby, roughly on par with my other hobby of cooking things that I can eat. :slight_smile:

Just now, quite a lot. I’m trying to cut down on my sugar intake, which means I think about chocolate all the time because I’m not eating it. When I’m not watching what I eat, I think about it much less.

Too freaking often. I eat when I’m bored, that happens way way more than it should.

It really depends on the day. Normally I only think about it at meal times, but on days when I’m planning on cooking something tasty, or when I’m on vacation and thinking about where I want to eat that night, or after a particularly good meal has given me multiple mouthgasms, it pretty much dominates my thoughts.

Hey, I’m thinking about food right now!

I don’t really like food, so I don’t think about it unless I’m actually physically hungry (or going grocery shopping).

A lot. I love to cook and I love to eat, so I think about it regularly throughout the day, whether I’ve just eaten, I’m about to eat, or it’s somewhere in between.

I only asked because i’m recovering from an eating disorder and so am wondering if i will always think about food 24/7 or if it will go down to just being around meal times or when im hungry.


I think about it a lot. I love to cook and I plan meals for the week, make a list all week, and shop for groceries every Sunday. I read recipes and magazines about cooking. I’m a wanna-be gourmet, with a pedestrian husband and Dad (who lives with us.) I still make stuff like chicken fried steakfor them sometimes, but I try to keep the fat content down and make them (and me) eat healthier fare. Tonight we’re having pasta prima vera with tons of roasted veggies, and chicken parmesan. :slight_smile:

I think about it way too much. I’ve lost 25 pounds and counting and I’m always thinking, “Hmmmm, what have I had? How many points is that? What can I eat later that won’t suck away all my available points? Maybe I should work out to ensure my points and activity balance out.” Also, I’m pretty fixated on ensuring my husband, my son and I all eat together for breakfast before work/daycare and in the evening. The former ensures we’re all fueled up and ready to go for the day while getting some time together and the former prevents me from having to cook two meals and snacking all evening and allows us to connect as a family again before my son’s day is done.

So when I’m not calorie counting, I’m thinking of what’s available that can be thrown together quickly, how healthy it is, how I can make it healthier while keeping it tasty, etc. Then in evening after everything from dinner is cleaned up and the kid is in bed, I usually lay everything out for the next day’s breakfast and pack my lunch.


Currently I’m a floor associate at Wallyworld, working in the dry groceries dept. My working day is organized around making food not fresh, frozen, or refrigerated available for sale. This said, as I work I wonder…would my husband (a meat-&-potatoes type) eat this? How about my pregnant daughter, the vegan?

How would it taste if I dipped a piece of the gourmet dark chocolate in aisle 6 into a cup of the free-trade dark-roast Columbian coffee in aisle 1 until it was soft, then s-l-o-w-l-y licked off the soft, sweet nectar and then followed it up with a sip of the hot coffee? (Rinse, lather, repeat)

I like my job.

Love, Phil

Your username just got even cooler.

I’m a very skinny guy and I have to eat an awful lot just to keep from becoming a very, very skinny guy, so pretty much all the time. Unless I’m thinking about sex, or I’ve just had a cigarette.

If I’m busy I rarely think about it. If I’ve got free time to check out food blogs, cookbooks, restaurant reviews… then I think about it 'til I’m good and full.

I have noticed that people on diets tend to screw themselves over by thinking about food ALL the time, especially what they can and can’t eat, counting down the seconds 'til their next meal or adding up calories.