How often do you think the President 'sleeps in'?

Wasn’t Jimmy Carter infamous for supposedly taking long afternoon naps when he was supposed to be working on solutions to the nations problems? I’ve never read anything verifiable about it but I’ve heard it from a couple different older people, the story must have come from somewhere. Maybe it was a comedy bit or something for all I know.

Kennedy, Churchill and Reagan were all supposed to take regular cat-naps; and basically if something works for you particularly. ( especially for the ever-sickly JFK ) it’s best to do it.
Probably not allowed, for different reasons, for conveyor-belt workers and air pilots.

Not necessarily; I know several people who are superefficient but also night owls. Late to bed, late to rise, and if they know they can afford to stay in bed they’ll have breakfast at lunch. The two traits do not correlate.

As I am a night owl, I’d like to agree. I am decidedly not high functioning, though. Isn’t there some studies that show some differences between night workers and day workers. I couldn’t cite it, because I decidedly not high functioning!

I’ve seen studies about differences between night and day shifts, but they never included asking people what was their preferred working hours.

Also about rotating shifts vs fixed ones: surprise surprise, fixed shift works better.

So you are saying that if I prefer being up at night, then I could be high functioning in my chosen occupation as long as I work at night. Dang, once again I 've missed the boat, too late to change my career path. Being I am a lazy lay-about that means I could actually sleep at night, or some such. Nah, it will never work.


In fact, I’ve known several people who did exactly that.

One was a production worker in a factory where production generally worked shifts. He’d asked to be fixed nights. Management looked at each other, scratched their heads in confusion and said “ok… that’s weird tho, most people want days!” Dude had then promptly gotten himself elected to the city council; they had meetings Tu and Th, on the order of 10:00 - 13:00. On those two days he’d go straight from the factory to his office. He slept afternoons.

Another was my boyfriend for a couple of years (didn’t get paid for that, mind you). He’d been doing customer service for an IT company when they asked for volunteers for the night shift. “It’s my ideal hours and they pay me more!” We used to pull his leg telling him “your coworkers must have been real bad given that your managers hadn’t noticed you’re dead until 1pm!” People would ask us what were we doing together, we’d explain that since he worked while I slept and slept while I was at work, heeey, our “available” hours were the same.

Yet two others, although I didn’t get to meet them, one of my great-grandfathers and his son. Jobs included analyst for the oil industry (done in the kitchen at home after being out until the wee hours), theatre work, printer.

Others work night shift in security, medicine or again factories.

NO! He tweets it in.