How often do you vote?

The poll options are specifically written for the American system, but I suppose this could still apply to anyone living in a democratic country.

Select the option that most closely characterizes your voting habits, in general.

I vote absentee so I tend to only REALLY dig down on where’s my ballot every other year but sometimes, when my county is on the ball, they hit me with a ballot on a yearly basis and then I of course vote.

I’ve been of voting age for almost 12 years and have voted for every election I’ve been eligible for - except for this year’s Mayor if London election: I was moving house on that day an simply didn’t have the time.

Vote is obligatory here, so always, but if it wasn’t obligatory I would do it anyway I *like *voting.

I live in suburban Chicago, not Chicago itself, so I only vote once.
ETA: What? That wasn’t the question? Okay, I live in a bastion of Republicanism (though it’s changing) so it’s mostly a waste of time voting in the locals.

I live in a district where my vote on anything pretty much will never matter. Houston is pretty liberal at the city level, my congressional district is safe republican, senator is a safe republican, governor is a safe republican… you get the picture.

This might change some day but… for now, it won’t. I still vote at least in the midterms and generals, but I don’t care too much about the primaries.

The poll options are misleading, because in many places, “as often as possible” is only “every two years”.

There seem to be lots of elections here in Nevada that I probably should be interested in, but am not; County Commissioner, Board of Education, local judges, police captain - most of the time I know nothing about these people and there is little information to be found.
So for these odd ball elections held almost every year in April, I sort of pass.

I do vote in every major primary, mid-term and general election though - always have.

In the 30+ years I’ve been eligible to vote, I’ve only missed the general election 3 times.

Always: city, county, state and national; primaries and generals.

I checked ‘other.’ The first and third choices are equivalent around here.

I’m the votinest damn thing you ever saw

I voted the first option, which basically boils down to voting once a year just for local ballot stuff every other year, and several times the other year for primaries. Wow, that’s awkwardly put. In other words, this year I voted twice in primaries and once in a general election, but next year I’ll only vote locally in February because there won’t be governor/senate/congress elections until 2014.

Where do they have general elections every year? Or maybe the definition of “general” doesn’t match my understanding of it…

Hear hear! I’ve NEVER missed an election, even small, silly, special elections. And I’ve never failed to vote on any issue, office, proposition, measure, or resolution on any one of those ballots. You think the guy on the municipal water board doesn’t have a significant influence on my life?

I’ve voted in every Presidential election and about half the time in the various other elections. I wish we could get organized. It seems like there’s somebody’s voting for something every six months.

I vote at every chance, even if I’ve never heard of the people down ballot.

As a P.J.O’Rourke fan, I have to say, “Don’t vote, it only encourages the bastards.”

But if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain about the bastards. :smiley:

No? Why not? Can’t complain that you other bastards made the wrong choice?

If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain because you ceded your right to vote.