How often do you wash your car?

For men, when it rains.

Sometimes I hose it off if it hasn’t rained in a while and it’s dirty.

when I can no longer remeber what color it is supposed to be, but I live on a dirt road, made up of mostly red clay. My white(I think) car is always dust orange.

I keep ending up with white cars. In order to clean them I have to spend time with a spong or brush. Just spraying it down doesn’t work. I try to clean it once a month. During cold winters I stretch that once a month quite a bit.

Not nearly often enough. When I start being annoying by the food crumbs in the jambs, which is every 2 months or so.

I drive a black Xterra, it actually looks better dirty, especially with mud splatters. It does not look cool with gleaming white bird poop on it- that is when it gets washed.

If you live in Las Vegas, it is easy to know when I wash my car - it rains the following day.

So, I guess that means about four times a year.

My van has been vacuumed on the inside many times, but only washed on the outside once. I’ve had it for about 7 years. My current car has been washed once. I’ve owned it 3 months. It isn’t dirty, though. I plan on actually washing this car fairly often, because it’s actually a nice car (2000 Toyota Camry).

It helps that both the car and the van are dark grey.

I remember doing it once when a kid through an egg at it at Halloween.

Some kid egged my car on Hallowe’en 2001. Another kid egged my car on Hallowe’en 2002, on the same door. I therefore decided to wait until after Hallowe’en 2003 to wash it, in case some kid did it again.

The more concise answer to your question is: about once every two or three years.

I have a close friend that owns a small chain of car washes and I usually get a free wash anytime I visit him at work, which amazingly enough, is anytime that my car is really dirty.

At LEAST once every twenty years, whether it needs it or not! :smiley:

About twice a year. I just don’t care much. I do make sure to wax it once a year, so that the paint under all that dirt doesn’t go to shit.

Eh, durring the spring and summer months I get into a “Car Wash Frenzy” and wash it about every other week.

To me it’s fun. Get yourself a six-pack, turn on some tunes and go to town. A paradigm of manlyness!

Durring the winter months… Eh, not so much.

when I got it, i washed it like twice in the first month.

I haven’t washed it in two years. Waste of friggin time.

Do partial washes count?

Every time it rains. :smiley:

I live in Upstate NY, it’ll rain before I get around to washing it. And from November through March I can’t wash it anyway, it’ll freeze the doors shut. So…when it rains, only.

We live in an apartment, or I would wash it myself in the summer. There’s a great deal of pleasure, I think, in washing your own car.

My SO washes and waxes his every time he goes to his parents’ home. I’d love to help but his dad thinks it’s not women’s work. :dubious:


Once a month or so.

Wash? Car? I understand the words, but not the question.

I used to wash my car several times a week. Now it gets run through the carwash every week or two, depending on how dirty it is. The sap coming off the trees is really bad this spring.

I also wax it every spring and fall. At 165,000 the paint still shines.