How Often Does a Mafioso Kill?

I mean a made member of the Italian mafia in a place like New York City or Chicago. Over the course of a career would it be maybe a couple of people? Or is it more like a monthly occurance?

It is between those two. When we bought our house, the whole thing needed work but we needed a functional kitchen right away. My wife had a rather young woman that worked with her. She talked her father and uncles into taking the job. It wasn’t until after they started that we found out that they were honest to God Italian Mafia. In fact, a brother and other relatives were killed at the locally famous The 99 Restaurant & Pub Massacre. I hung around them every night while they worked and I was always careful about what I said. They seemed decent enough. Like lots of people in the Mafia, they had legitimate blue-collar jobs.

In the Boston area, there have been lots of murders committed by both the Italian and Irish Mafias. The most famous of the Irish Mafia was Whitey Bulger was responsible for many murders and is on the run to this day.

I have one funny story about my Mafia friends above. There was a serial-rapist loose for months in the North End of Boston creating all kinds of terror. One night, he was attempting to rape a woman in an alley when she screamed several times. The Mafia father of the woman that works with my wife was the one that heard the screams and took off after him. He didn’t catch him but I saw it on the news that night. The thought of the Mafia catching a serial rapist cracked me up. The rapes did stop shortly thereafter though.

There is real killing in the Mafia and a few select individuals may rack up lots of kills over time.

The 99 Massacre link above should be:

If you are establshed in a “mob” you don’t do any killing, you contract it out. Maintaining authority is more important than killing.

For instance, the Westies, the Irish thugs on the West Side of New York got their reputation by doing contract hits for the Italian mob that didn’t want to dirty their hands (or risk getting caught) for such obvious crimes.

It’s like any hierarchy. The elite don’t clean their own houses or mow their own lawns. They hire someone else to do the dirty work.