how old is the average man until his face stops growing new beard hairs?

im 22 and have a few missing splotches where i want some hair to grow for a thick manly beard. im hopeful that my beard isn’t done growing yet and one day i may be able to grow a beard to be proud of. so what is a common age for beard length to reach it’s max and for there to not be any new beard hair follices growing out? im just looking for a simple straight-to-the-point answer, preferably.

I’m 44 and still missing a bunch of splotches - I just can’t grow a decent beard. I think that you’re outta luck and you got what you’re gonna get.

I’m 61 and the spots seem to still be there. But when you get to be my age, you can find those “missing areas”…they’ll be in your ears and other random locations. :slight_smile:

I’m 27 and I’ve noticed a slight thickening of my beard of the past couple years, even though it stopped “improving” from about 21-25.

Having said that, I still have areas of non-growth.

I wouldn’t give up just yet; at 22 my beard was still a bit patchy and wispy, so I never really tried growing it; a couple of years back (when I was, I dunno, 35), I grew one specifically for a Victorian-themed event and it was thick, bushy and wiry (to the extent that it was incredibly uncomfortable and I couldn’t possibly have kept it).

If it’s not too impolite asking, AllahFearer;
-What sort of hair do you have elsewhere on your body (i.e. is the hair on your forearms dark and dense, do you have hair starting to form on your shoulders and back?)
-Does/did you father have a thick beard?
-Is the hair receding on your head (or likely to, from family history)? - certainly in my case, as I started to lose the hair on top, it grew thicker everywhere else.

Just ignore me if these questions are too personal.

my body hair is dark and only thick on the chest and legs but my arms are a bit lackluster. as for back hair all i can grow there is about 15 long black ugly hairs. i have very noticable male pattern baldness but my hair line is not receding, it’s just getting much less dense on the top. my dad has some pretty good male pattern baldness too. he tells me he was never able to grow a good beard either.

My dad couldn’t grow a decent beard until he was 26

I had a few bald patches (complete underside of chin, one cheek) at 22 that filled in by maybe 30 maybe? There’s still hope!

I’m 47. All I’ve ever been able to manage is a goatee. After that, my facial hairs are too sparse to be considered beard-worthy. I can’t even grow sideburns!
So this may be all you get…

In ten years, my husband has grown a lot more chest hair, but his beard still looks like the cat shed on him.

Male pattern baldness often goes hand in hand with strong beard growth, but if this didn’t turn out to be the case for your dad, then you’re quite likely to be similar. Perhaps a little too soon to be resigning to failure though.

I’m gaining confidence by this thread. I have an incredibly hairy chest/stomach, decent bear-skin rug on my back, and above-average on my legs. And I’m balding.


ya, but how old are you?

Almost 19.