How Old is the Oldest Person You Know?

How Old is the Oldest Person You Know?
Not know of, …but actually know.

Mine would be my wife’s 92 yr old grandmother.

I think we did this a little while ago. I currently have two aunts in their 90s. My grandmother died a couple years ago at 104.

My great uncle is 99 and about to have his 100th birthday bash at the end of this month.

He’s still in great shape, ate two plates at Thanksgiving and is still very lucid and conversational.

My father-in-law just turned 86. He’s CURRENTLY the oldest person I know.

I have known older people at different points in my life.

Back in the mid '80’s I met a man who was eighteen when Hailey’s comet went through in 1910. That would have made him in his early 90’s. Neat guy, he actually published an article about it.

A lady I attend church with turned 100 last May.

My grandmother is 94. After some recent deaths, I think that’s the top for me.

A woman in my (very small) hometown is 106. She was born the same year as Ian Fleming, Edward R. Murrow (and Joseph McCarthy), and Bette Davis; she was 21 the year the U.S. stock market crashed and nearing retirement age when Armstrong walked on the moon.

My grandfather died at 102. He was pretty sharp all the way to the end. My aunt (his daughter) turns 100 this year. She, unfortunately, is pretty diminished.

The oldest person I’ve ever met is the mother of a frined of mine, who lived to be 106.

One of my best friends is going to be 101 in June. She’s one of the sweetest, most interesting and open-minded people I know.

My grandfather, may he live and be well, will turn 93 in a week.

My grandmother. She is 100.

Currently, my wife’s grandmother is 95. My own grandmother was 100 when she died.

I have an uncle and two aunts in their mid-90s.

If both of my parents were still alive, they’d each be 100.

One of the two sisters that own the store I work at is 92 and she still comes in regularly. A firecracker that one, although just a few months ago she admitted to me how much she regretted being so mean and harsh to everyone back when she ran the place.

My b.i.l.'s mom is 98. Still healthy as a horse, and sharp as a whip. She gets around well, without even the need for a cane.

The last time I saw her was for the burial of (another) one of her sons. That, she said, is the worst part of living so long: seeing so many friends and loved ones pass away.

The oldest one I know closely is my grandfather who is 87. He sounds like he is 50 on the phone except it is always going to be 1962 for him so he still uses some weird terms. He still drives and owns his own real estate company in Texas. My daughters were surprised that they have any living great-grandparents when they met him. They were much more surprised when he drove his two much older sisters to meet them (now 93 and 95 respectively).

That side of the family has extreme longevity as a trait. I have the issue of Life magazine that documented their grandfather as one of the very last surviving Civil War soldiers. He died in 1949 just before 101 yet he never gave up drinking or smoking. My grandfather has an outstanding chance of living well past 100. I will be 53 then and my mother will be almost 80 if that happens. I don’t know if that is good or bad because they never got along especially well.

Currently the oldest person I know is my mother who will turn 93 this April. My grandmother (father’s mother) was older than that when she died. The oldest person I ever knew personally was my wife’s grandfather who was over 100 when he died, though I’m not sure how old. He was quite lucid the last time I saw him when he was approaching 100.

Most kids my age had grandfathers who were in WWII. My grandfather was in his 30s during WWI. He was born 130 years ago. I wish I was a little bit older and could appreciate his stories while he was around.

Last time we did this, probably about this time last year, it was my grandpa at 87. But he died shortly thereafter.

Now it’s my grandma and I’m not sure how old she is. 80ish