How old is this S&W breaktop revolver?

There’s no online serial # lookup available.

Photos here.

It’s an old .32, short round, pocket pistol that belonged to my grandfather.

The serial # appears to be 225933

On top of the barrel is engraved…

Smith & Wesson Springfield Mass
Pat’d May 11, 1880 Jan 13, 1882 Apr 9, 1889

Went to Smith and Wessons website and in the resources section there is an application for a firearms history. Costs $50USD but that seems cheap to me. Hope that helps.


Yeah, I saw that. I’m not $50 curious yet. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping one of the gun guys here has a Smith & Wesson model history guide.

I’ll sign up to a dedicated gun forum if I need to.

It appears to be a Double Action Fourth Model, which was produced from 1883-1909, serials lower than 209,300 (approx) are deemed to be pre-1899. Highest is thought to be around 282999.
Try for more.


Thank you.