How old is your forum ego ?

Is it younger or older than you are in real life?

Somehow I seem to be younger when posting. Schizophrenia?

I don’t know, I think most people write generally around their age. But once you become a full fledged adult with a career, family, on their own, etc.(*), it becomes more difficult to discern age. It is possible to pick out junior high from high schooler from college students. Once out of college and into the “real” world, the ego’s become fairly consistent or at least change gradually so that a 28 year old could sound exactly like a 45 year old. Whereas an 18 year old and a 14 year old sound much different. Generally I think my posts reflect both mature writing and thoughts and immature drivel that should hopefully be erased someday. Immature in style not content because if content was the case I could probably have 30 posts to my name.

*(not saying these are required to be full fledged but seem to encompass most adults here)