How our teachers embarrassed us

I had a French teacher in high school who decided to hold a sprig of mistletoe over my head, in class, on the last day of school before Christmas vacation. Although I would have relished the kind of contact mistletoe invites (some of the girls in the class were quite pretty), I resented his effort to force me into it and stood up, walking across the room, to wait until he relented.
What kind of embarrassment have others among the Teeming Millions endured because of a thoughtless teacher? :frowning:

I don’t remember any teachers embarrassing any students in particular. I do remember terrible things we did to substitutes though.

What does stand out are some of the practices that made school days miserable for kids that were “poor” or not popular.

I hope these don’t happen anymore –

like the great Valentine’s Day debacle (of Peanuts fame – but it really happens)

Going around the room telling everyone what you got for Christmas or where you went on summer vacation

Having “dress up day” – I had a friend who skipped that day cuz she didn’t have anything nice to wear

I had a biology teacher tell the class once that “Bill’s my pet.” I didn’t say anything, but it was certainly embarrassing (7th grade). Then there was the time my music teacher told me to sing a (very high) solo of “Michael, Row the Boat Ashore” in front of the entire class. I hit the notes all right, but the class had a good laugh. Hey, what am I, a professional singer, kiddies?

When I was in third grade we were singing 'We Shall Overcome" in chorus class. To be a clown, I was singing off key and really loud, just being goofy. I was so busy goofing off that I didn’t notice the teacher, Mrs Abramowitz (Abram-o-witch) coming at me. I looked up just in time to see her hand come flying at my face. She slapped me upside the head really hard. The whole class fell silent for about a second, and then the 40 or so kids in the class started howling with laughter. I must have turned nine shades of red, I was so embarrased. I hated her with every atom of my being from that day forward.

“I wore an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time…”

Tell me if this is unprofessional for a university professor. Last year i took a health class. The teacher always checked our school intranet online message board (sort of like here but with a lot more controversy). She noticed i posted quite a bit. So one day she asked me if i knew how to run the video projector. I told her i didnt and she said “I thought you knew how to work this stuff since you’re our internet man” (Something like that, i have pushed it all into the bowels of my memory).

Anyway, for about a month or so every week she would at least mention me and the internet and make a little joke of it. I started to get really embarassed because she would single me out while she didnt do this with anyone else.

I finally wrote her and told her how i felt. She said she was “concerned” i may be addicted to the net. I told her if i was i wouldnt go to her class :). She also said she did that so she could relate to her student’s “hobbies”.So she did stop, but not after i got people who are in my classes saying “I couldnt put your name to your face until she said you were on the internet all the time!”(which still happens). Grrrr! I still dont like the woman to this day, and i warn everyone i know not to take her classes if they can avoid her.

grade 2…Mrs. Ward, that is Jennie Ward, was about a million years old, and hated me on sight, I used to read ahead cause I read faster than the class, and she would get some illeterate doink to read aloud, and S-L-O-W-L-Y…I would read ahead, she would watch me turning pages, and when she knew I was ahead, she would ask me to read aloud. Of course, I couldnt, I had lost the place. She would make me stand in front of the calss for a LONG time until she decided I had found my place.What a bitch.

Grade 7, M.Piccinin, I was writing a note about how un-funny he was to a chum of mine, and he got the note, for revenge, he said it was a note saying I though Bob ( most popular guy in class) was really cute. I wanted to die, and nobody believed me when I tried to tell them what was really in the note. Jerk. He was actually a good teacher, but that was mean.
In thrid grade, Mrs Brydges slapped my face when the boy in front of me wouldnt stop turning around to talk top me.

In grade 8, I was caught in the hall kissing my boyfriendsigh…by the next year, Mme Cyr was telling the parents of new boyfriend that I was ‘fast’ etc, and that I had been caught rolling around on the floor with a boy.Bitch.

I could go on.

Didn’t happen to me, but:

We had a “Spirit Week” in the spring, where each day we’d wear something according to the theme of the day; e.g., Red & Gold Day, Hat Day, etc.

One year we had a “Slob Day”. But the day before, the pricipal cancelled it. On the given day, one girl came to school in a fairly worn dress and unwashed hair. The principal saw her and scolded her for coming to school as a slob when he’d cancelled “Slob Day”. She ran home crying, as she wasn’t trying to be a slob. Her family was dirt poor and couldn’t afford better clothes.



I played the Sax in the seventh grade band. One day, the instructor, Mrs. G- decided that my posture was not up to her liking. She got a cymbal lifter (straight steel rod 1/4" diameter), and a couple of belts and did the following: She shoved the lifter into my pants from the rear, attached it to my neck with a large, brown belt, and used the last belt around my waist and pulled it tight. I somehow made it through class (I’m starting to cry now, here at my computer). The other students in class were mortified. Their looks still haunt me. After class, everyone, even my worst enemies, comforted me. I never told anyone, not even my parents(which of course was stupid). The other students did tell their parents, who told my parents, there was a general outcry, and she was gone the next year. I can’t say I feel better telling you this.

oh my god…I am so sorry…(eyes filling)
hags and kisses

ps there is a word for her, “c%nt!”

oops, couldnt see the keys…hags & kisses is for another thread…should have been: BIGHUG and SOME KISSES!!!

OK, since I’m a junior in HS this year, I have ongoing problems with teachers. This isn’t really an embarrassment, but my art teacher last year (Mrs. Pletcher, too many bad things to say about her) would always say something when I would “forget” to do my work. She would say this pretty much in front of the class, and since I am not in any way artistic, I rarely put any effort into anything in that class. Therefore, the other 15 students would hear her sigh and go on about the importance of the class, blah blah blah… Needless to say, I failed the class and refused to retake it, even though I need the credit to graduate next year.

Of course, I did get the last laugh, because, by the end of the year, she could barely walk on her own, due to foot problems. She’s still here at this school, but hopefully not for long.

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First day back in school after Christmas Break, 1976. We are listening to the morning announcements by the Principal.

After a long list of stuff, she gets to the good stuff, what all kids wait to hear, the Lunch Menu for the week.

“This weeks menu will be blah blah blah”

then a pause.

" Oh, and please pray for Shirley Ujest, her father died over the holidays."

Being a catholic school, if a parent or sibling passed away the entire class went to the funeral. Because this was over Xmas break, no one went to my dads ( that killed me for years, but I understood. What fourth grader voluntarily goes to a funeral?)

Every kid in my class room turned and stared at me. I slumped down in my seat and I don’t think I sat up straight until I graduated high school. To this date, it was the most mortifying moment of my life.

dont you all wish you had stood up for yourselves back then…I wish I could go back and say: “HEY that is unprofessional and uncalled for…I demand you stop!”

probably why they treat kids like shit…they know they WONT stand up for themselves.

I can’t believe how many of you were smacked by teachers. Any teacher who ever laid a hand on me would have been looking for a new career, toot sweet.

I can’t remember anything mortifying from my early school career. I KNOW there has to be some but I’ve successfully blocked it out, I guess, because I can’t think of a damn thing. Really, though, the teachers didn’t have a problem with me. My torment came from other kids.

When I was in college, however, I got in a loud, prolonged fight with a professor who said that women come in two forms: irrational feminist bitches and all other decent rational women. The argument eventually encompassed all sorts of debates and ended up being about whether everyone should be able to do whatever they feel is best for themselves or if they should take the society that surrounds you into consideration when making decisions. This was an “Abnormal Psych” class and I was a sociology major. It ended up being most of the class against me. It wasn’t until then that I realized the historical difference in perspective between the two disciplines. My argument would have flown a hell of alot better in my soc class than a psych class. Given my reaction to her statements, I guess I’m an irrational feminist bitch.

That damn trig teacher! Ok, I hated trig and I wasn’t any good at it but I certainly wasn’t the only one. What I loathed most was the fact that he said without math, I wouldn’t amount to anything.

He was a really odd teacher. He had a glass eye and told us once that he had put his glass eye in a guy’s glass in a bar, apparently to teach the guy a lesson. (The lesson, boys and girls, is not to hang around with Mr. Copeland!) :wink:

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Second grade: Miss Beuchell. For Father’s Day we had to draw a portrait of our fathers using craypods(sp?). Since my father always wore sunglasses, I drew a pair on his face. Apparently Miss Beuchell was anti-sunglasses or something because she threw a fit. She proceded with the typical teacher speech, “I did NOT instruct you to put sunglasses on this drawing. This is completely ruined, etc” To this day I have no idea why she cared so much about something so trivial. To top it off, she displayed all of the drawings but mine. Never did give it to my pop, I think I threw it out thinking that if the teacher hated it, so would he.

Thin Skin, I am horrified. I’m hope that woman is a hermit.

Ugly little personal secret: I didn’t learn to tie my shoes until long after I should have. I’m not stupid; it’s just that my parents never bothered to teach me. (Much longer story there, but nevermind.)
I sort of knew that I -should- know how to tie my own shoes, but I couldn’t.
One day in second grade, we were doing something that allowed us the freedom to wander the room a bit while we were working, and I noticed that my shoe was untied. I went to the teacher’s desk and asked her to tie it for me. She snapped that I should tie it myself.
When I said I couldn’t tie my shoes, she laughed and then called for the entire class’s attention. With a laugh, she yelled “Greg doesn’t know how to tie his shoes, class!” Of course, the entire class picked up the hint and started laughing and calling me names as I ran to my desk and cried. The teacher just laughed more. Some sweet little girl came up and offered to tie my shoe, but I told her to go away.
For a shy little kid, that was traumatic. For a 35-year-old guy looking back, I still can’t understand why the teacher was so mean to me.
– Greg, Atlanta

god this is heart wrenching stuff…

the fathers day card thing jogged a mamory…2nd grade, same evil bitch…my card was not centered or something, I think she slapped me, and that time I DID tell my parents, they called and told her they would buy a damn card if mine didnt turn out, and if she ever laid another hand on me that dad would go give her a slap!..I dont remember much of that, but my parents do. :slight_smile:

Wow, in high school, I had a math teacher with a glass eye too. Must be an occupational hazard ;). Anyway, one time, some students were passing around a picture that you were supposed to look at with one eye closed. Apparently, it did some sort of optical illusion. So Denise gets it, puts one hand over her eye and says, “Wow! Mr McCloskey, you should really try this but you should only use one eye.” She wasn’t making fun of him but, somehow, she honestly didn’t know even though it was common knowledge. The whole class sat silently stunned to see what he would do. He finally said, “Will someone please tell her?” Someone leaned over and whispered to her and she said “Oh my god!” and turned various shades of red.