How quick are you to tell people to curse people out IRL?

Only one hour till the end of my shift! Wee!

I’m fairly hesitant to do so. Not because I have any ethical difficulty with saying "fuck you,’ but because i like to escalate slowly and keep it the f-bomb in reserve. When you have a reputation for never cursing at all, the times you do curse get more attention than they would if you curse all the time.

But that’s just my opinion. Any contrary ones?

I don’t tell people to curse at other people at all really.

That’s kinda an odd thing to do.


I began to write “quick to tell people to fuck off,” decided that was too coarse for a thread title, and then was distracted by a customer. Stupid customer, expecting me to job.

I can’t recall the last time I’ve told someone to fuck off, and meant it. I don’t get really, really angry all that often - and the last time I did, telling the fellow to fuck off wouldn’t have done a damn bit of good. Essentially, a member of my school’s student government took it upon himself to delete posts on a student message board that were critical of his public conduct. I was outraged - I’m a civil-libertarian, and a clean-government fan, so it’s hard to imagine how this guy could have pissed me off more, short of kicking me in the balls.

So, instead of telling him to fuck off, I wrote a letter to the rest of the student government, posted it to the same message board, and played a serious role in convincing the whole damn school that this guy had gone off the rails. (It was a very good letter). The guy came this close to getting impeached, and will have to think pretty carefully before listing his student government experience on his resume ever again.

Telling people to fuck off is cathartic. But there are other tools available, and they usually work better. :smiley:

I hate getting angry at people, so I can count on my hand the number of times I have seriously cussed somebody out in person. The downside of this usually good quality is that I sometimes let people tromp all over me when I should be legitimately angry. Oh well.

I don’t. If I have difficulty with someone I either don’t associate with them or if I have to I maintain a professional relationship. The only person I very occasionally swear at is my wife.

Very, very very rarely. In fact, I can only remember one single time, although I’m relatively certain that there might be one or two more…

When I was at UT: Austin I was crossing the street (at a red light) with a friend. A youngish (college age looking) girl had pulled into the pedestrian crosswalk and was busy chatting away on her cell, so we were forced to walk behind her car. Now, my friend is a hemophiliac, so getting run over by a car would’ve been a Very Bad Thing. And, of course, the girl decided that backing up rapidly, while we were a few feet from her back bumper, was a good idea. And by rapidly, I mean if she didn’t floor it, she at least put a fuck of a lot of gas into it while it was in first gear, or something.

I shoved my friend out of the way and jumped back myself to avoid getting smashed by her car. At the same time (fuck knows how I coordinated this, I was working on adrenalin) I smashed my hand into her trunk to kinda of ‘push off’ and get more distance from her bumper, while yelling something along the lines of “stop your fucking car!”

Unselfconscious, she leaned out of her window and, rather snottily said “You know, you didn’t have to punch my car!”

Without a second of thought or any doubt I responded “You dumb bitch, you nearly ran us over. If you don’t want someone to smack your car, fucking check if there are people behind you before you accelerate backwards because next time if you’re lucky it’ll just be someone suing your stupid ass instead of you killing someone. Go fuck yourself your irresponsible cunt.”

Pretty sure nearly getting run over is about my threshold to start cursing at someone in public.

I’m a bit filthy mouthed for my own good, but I’m working on it.

Swearing is unprofessional, but I resort to it when I’m very angry and I want the other person to know it. When Mr. Polite suddenly starts telling you to “get the fuck out of here”, it makes an impact with all but the least intelligent. (Sadly, it’s most often those idiots that I’m swearing at, because the smarter people didn’t require that much work out of me.)

However, I do tend to blow off steam by swearing at people in my car with the windows rolled up. They can’t hear me, so it’s win-win. On the other hand, I also like to sing along to the radio, and it’s amusing that I’ve had more people assume that I’m yelling at them and respond in a hostile manner when I’m singing than when I’m swearing.

When I worked armored, an elderly couple hopped into their car, started it and threw it into reverse, almost hitting me. Me with the uniform and gun strapped to his hip. :rolleyes: Then they turned sharply and I almost got hit by the front end of the car. They backed into the big stone planter in front of the grocery store doors. :smiley: Then the wife rolls down her window and starts screaming at ME to get out of their way. I was so shocked at the stupidity of it all - almost hitting me twice, hitting the planter - that I accidentally said “You almost fucking hit me!” The woman started yelling that they were going to call the cops on me for swearing at them and they sped off.

When I got down to the store offices, the Manager said that he had watched the whole thing on the security cameras (no sound) and wanted to know if I wanted him to call the police about them almost hitting me. I asked if he wanted to call the police about them hitting his planter. We both said no.

I walk out of the store after completing my business and get back in the truck. My Asset Protection Manager calls and said that the woman had just called to complain about me swearing at them. I told him the whole story. “Oh, they didn’t mention that they almost hit you.” Of course they didn’t. “Well…just don’t swear at people.” Yeah, no problem.

I don’t remember doing it in real life, but I do it inside my car all the time. It’s for my benefit, and they aren’t meant to hear it.
I hope to be able to stop doing that some day.

I swear probably more than I should, but not at people. I will use ‘fuck’ in everyday conversation.

I actually lose my temper and cuss someone out very rarely. At most once a year, but probably much much less. I can remember 4 such episodes in about 10 years. 3 at the top of my lungs - which is a considerable amount of volume. Once was a very concise “fuck off bitch” said evenly and I walked away.

It would take a lot to set me off so much that I actually cursed someone out. I’m pretty mellow when it comes to dealing with other people. If someone was just generally being a dick around me, I’d roll my eyes and ignore them. If they were a dickto me for no discernible reason, I might tell them, in an even, measured, and calm voice, to tone down whatever they were doing because they were getting on my nerves. Most people, I think, would move on to someone else, because people usually don’t like confrontations. There is the odd person that would start being even more of an dick (i.e.“what bitch, you got a problem with me?”, etc). In that case, I would probably just walk away, because I don’t like getting involved with hot-tempered jerks.

Whenever I’m with my friends from college and such, it feels like I’m in a Kevin Smith movie or a Tarantino film with all the filthy language. When I’m not around them? I rarely curse- but it depends on who I’m speaking to. If it’s someone my age (ie: mid 20’s student), and they start off by talking about “the shit that happened to them today”, i might be more likely to agree and say “yeah, shit happens” to reciprocate their cursing.

But an actual “Fuck you!” sorta thing? I rarely do that in anger, I might say that to myself if I’m alone but even then, it’s a rare sight to see.

Only once can I remember actively blessing someone out, and I did it in the middle of class.

Some red-headed ginger man-boy in a camouflage hat started talking his wild night out. He was having drinks with a couple of friends when a gay guy came up and started flirting with him. Slowly figuring out that he had walked into a GAY BAR, he punched the “fag” in the face and left.

“I’m homophobic as fuck and not 'fraid to admit it,” he proudly announced.

I ripped him a new asshole right there on the spot; I was livid at his ignorance. Although not being prone to lying, I happily made up a story about how my best friend in high school was beaten to death by someone who was “homophobic as fuck and not 'fraid to admit it.” I called him an ignorant, bigoted pile of shit and said that his existence made the world a shittier place to live.

God, that felt so good.

Oh, and two weeks after that, I was crossing the street on my bike when an SUV almost slammed into me. They gave me the “what the hell, dude?” expression, and I lit into them. Fueled by adrenaline and noticing their windows were rolled down, I told them I was crossing the street with “MY GOD DAMNED RIGHT OF WAY, ASSHOLE”

I think I was a bit stressed out those two weeks.

I’ve never cursed anyone out in my life, not even a family member. Gotten into shouting matches, yes, but not used profanity directed at them. I curse fluently in traffic and when I’ve done something stupid, but I feel a great inhibition against using it toward someone. (Thus, my computer crashes the night before a project is due = “AAAGHH, MOTHERFUCKER!” ; my brother steals $200 out of my wallet = “I know you took it, you jerk!”) Then again, I’m really uncomfortable with anger in general, so I go to lengths to avoid heated confrontations.

Last time I used the word fuck to someone personally was when they were in the process of mugging me, I think I was justified in that instance. I use the word in everyday conversation all the time but not at people.

I rarely curse people and rarely use the magic word except with other guys. I never use it in mixed company.

A prude? No- just the way I think.

Does it count in traffic if I’m out in the open for everyone to hear?

If so, I cursed someone out while biking yesterday. I was on the main road doing about 35-40kph when a van pulled up from a side street, stopped, and then began pulling straight out right in front of me.

I slammed on my brakes as hard as I could and just began yelling “WHOAWHOAWHOAWHOAWHOA!” No idea why I chose that, it just came out of my mouth. When I was about two or three meters from him, he finally turned to look at me with an utterly dopefucked slackjaw expression. And that’s when I saw the cell phone.

After managing to swerve behind him (I don’t think he ever actually stopped), the surrounding neighborhood received an impromptu English lesson on expressions involving acts with one’s mother and a variety of farm animals.

That’s really just a matter of adrenaline, though. Don’t do something stupid that almost gets me killed and you’ll find me to be extremely calm and easygoing.

Rarely, simply because yelling and cussing at people is a sign you are out of control, and I don’t like to be out of control.

Can’t we all just sit down and discuss this like grown ups?

You don’t go in the pit much do you? :smiley:

Especially at work, I can only think of a couple of times that I became angry, much less swore at someone. In all the cases, it was someone trying to pretend they hadn’t made an agreement that they had. I remember handing up the phone after 2 of those, to dead silence in the office. Everyone knew that if I was mad enough to react that way, that things were bad. I rather like it that way. If you’ve jerked me around enough to get me to swear at you, you darn well know that I’m going to be doing something about it.