How quickly do Supreme Court Nominees get sworn in?

Although this might not apply to judges, I remember reading that LBJ was president the instant JFK was confirmed dead. The swearing in was his first duty as president, but was not what made him president. And we all know that there is only one penalty if the president does not carry out a specified duty.

I also recall reading that Calvin Coolidge was at home in NH when Harding and the oath of office was administered by his father a local justice of the peace. I think he was later sworn again. But it all didn’t really matter.

There was also a stupid controversy when Obama was sworn in the first time, Roberts messed up the oath of office.

FWIW, Alito already poached Kennedy’s office.


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LOL things will never change in an office environment.

Senior staff always has the best window offices. People are already vying for it before the guy’s retirement party ends.

The new guy gets the office in front of the men’s room. :smiley:

I realize the Supreme Court probably has really nice office space for the Justices. But some offices are often more desirable than others